Burke: Not fighting tech advances, just being a little picky

I’m all in with Alexa, but after 43 years, the ATM still isn’t quite right.

Milbank: Mary, Joseph and the allegations against Roy Moore

A literal interpretation of the Bible is one thing; suiting it to your own whims is another.

Harrop: Democrats learning how to win — don’t repel the voters

Virginia’s Ralph Northam won because he left room for those who have voted for Republicans.

Ignatius: Lebanon leader a pawn in Saudis’ proxy war with Iran

The prime minister’s forced detention in Riyadh raises questions about Saudi leadership.

Keillor: Pity those who weren’t born about 75 years ago

Young adults work two and three jobs to stay afloat, as a tax plan rolls out that rewards the rich.

Parker: Drilling for oil and praying the judge is innocent

The GOP would sell off Arctic land for oil, while crossing fingers on Roy Moore. Neither’s pretty.

Robinson: Voters sent a clear message in Tuesday’s elections

Democrats still have work to do to win voters’ confidence, but the voters showed they’re receptive.

Will: Forget tax reform; repeal and replace the tax code

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a tax code that looked as though it had been designed on purpose?

Schwab: Democrats keen to argue over ‘16, could blow ‘18, ‘20

Progressives need to look up from Donna Brazile’s book and consider what’s ahead.

Ignatius: Saudi’s proxy war threatens Lebanon’s stability

Once again, Lebanon is the battleground for the rivalry between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Milbank: Trump’s commerce chief not billionaire he said he was

Forbes dropped Wilbur Ross on its list over a “phantom” $2 billion he claimed but doesn’t exist.

Saunders: Year after Trump’s victory, even parties are divided

Republicans and Democrats have trouble working with members of their own party.

Economists could learn something from the Houston Astros

The World Series-winning team showed the importance of chemistry — and, for economists, wisdom.

Your spending should be painful and not painless

With today’s online tools, it’s harder than ever for folks to make good financial decisions.

Milbank: Virginia’s Gillespie played the Trump card and lost

The Republican candidate for governor embraced Trump’s playbook on race and culture issues.

Parker: Mama Lucy was the forerunner of Trump voters

A cartoonist’s Tarheel mother spoke plainly of the divide between urban and rural dwellers.

Milbank: House GOP not even bothering to hide tax favoritism

Questioning by Rep. Suzan DelBene shows how the breaks favor corporations over indviduals.

GOP tax plan would take away financial lifejacket for seniors

They could lose deduction that covers payments for nursing homes, assisted living or hospital care.

Harrop: Any wonder why GOP tax bill generous on real estate?

The tax proposals would constitute nothing less than a Champagne bath for one Manhattan developer.

Ignatius: Saudi prince’s anti-corruption arrests bold, risky

Mohammed bin Salman is taking his cue more from China’s Xi than President Trump.