Parker: Looking past ‘holes’ and ‘heaps’ to talk immigration

Do race and culture matter? Or should immigration be about the yearning for liberty in all hearts?

Robinson: Trump, in word and deed, rejects ideal of diversity

And most Republicans appear to be falling in line with the president’s race-based immigration plans.

Ignatius: The Trump-Russia probe is far from a ‘witch hunt’

There may be something in tatters at the center of the FBI’s investigation, but it isn’t the agency.

Make sure you don’t miss the memo for financial freedom

Economic empowerment for low- to moderate-income individuals and families.

Wilkinson: Trump may want to rethink his invite to Norwegians

If they come here they’ll just bring their socialized health care, Teslas and stunning good looks.

Harrop: Democrats need to learn how to strike up the band

Modesty is a fine character trait, but it’s sapping Democrats of a message that shows their success.

Saunders: Ethanol fuel mandate no longer makes sense

Intended to reduce reliance on foreign oil, it now only results in higher food and fuel costs.

Milbank: Trump latest target is no puppet of the Democrats

The founder of Fusion GPS has investigated the finances of many politicians, including the Clintons.

Simoneaux: Bells, stars, manners and the things that guide us

GPS systems have made celestial navigation obsolete, but there’s still worth in some old practices.

Commentary: City, PUD seek balance on cellular technology

‘Small-cell’ equipment can improve internet speeds, but the public’s interests have to be protected.

Petri: You’ve got to hand it to Oprah, because I’m out of hands

The pros and cons and pros and cons, etc., of the possibility of Oprah running for president.

Robinson: Presidency a TV show where Trump ad libs his lines

And the star confuses the rest of the cast with lines that contradict what he said moments before.

Will: Oregon motorists now enjoy (limited) right at gas pump

Yet some, now accustomed to progressivism, appear to have lost the ability to operate one.

Schwab: Anesthesia’s effects on brain raise intriguing queries

Patients don’t reveal secrets when they’re under, but could positive suggestions aid in recovery?

The Social Security benefits debate: Take it early or wait?

You need to consider cash needs, health, family longevity, taxes and your working status.

Harrop: For a news cycle, Trump talked sense on immigration

The president’s apparent openess to ‘comprehensive’ reforms signals hope for a bipartisan deal.

Ignatius: North Korea crisis will be back after Olympic break

This detante is encouraging. But once the games have ended, the same problems will exist.

Milbank: Is Trump being agreeable or a pliable parrot?

President Trump doesn’t flip-flop so much as he’s batted to-and-fro between contradictory positions.

President Trump’s tax overhaul plan is a matter of timing

If the timing is perfect, we will see a boost in consumer spending and corporate investment.

Harrop: Graham, others have up and joined the Trump circus

Why, with poll numbers at their lowest, would GOP leaders praise and provide cover for Trump?