Commentary: Food stamp work requirement solves nothing

Most Americans who are helped by food stamps are either already working or are simply unable to.


Commentary: How grizzlies and people can share North Cascades

Steps that are working elsewhere can limit conflict between people and bears as their numbers grow.


Commentary: Refinery expansion poses threat to North Cascades

If BP is allowed to expand and refine more tar-sands oil, expect more haze in the park and region.


Editorial: A century of conservation undermined

The Trump administration has weakened protections for migratory birds, many at risk for extinction.

Commentary: It’s not just baristas who need to understand racism

The training Starbucks employees will get is a good start, but the country needs education, too.

Commentary: State court should protect the initiative process

Lawmakers were “too cute by half” in how they handled I-940, regarding policies on police shootings.

Commentary: Take 5 days of action to stop child sexual abuse

Child sexual abuse can be prevented if adults learn how to protect the kids in their daily lives.

Viewpoints: Why we can’t quit you, Facebook

Facebook knows how to gratify us and play on our need for social connections and even our guilt.

Commentary: Just who’s in charge of the National Guard?

The military force is shared by state and federal governments. And there are rules for each.

Viewpoints: How census was used to intern Japanese Americans

The use of census data raises concerns over plans to ask about citizenship in the 2020 census.

Commentary: A tech solution to freeing up bank loans for more

Financial tech firms can help banks identify creditworthy borrowers who need affordable loans.

Commentary: Continue King’s work to end poverty in U.S.

On the 50th anniversary of his death, we should honor MLK by pursuing his anti-poverty efforts.

Commentary: Land policy proposals could pave way for sprawl

The County Council should reject two proposals that could negatively affect quality of life.

Commentary: The hope in MLK’s words and a long-shelved report

Fifty years ago, a report on race and society was released and the civil rights leader was slain.

Commentary: Legislature’s Democratic majority ended gridlock

With Democrats in control this session, more than 300 bills passed, most with bipartisan support.

Viewpoints: The two faces of Facebook

Facebook quizzes may seem innocent, but some profile you in an attempt to influence your decisions.

Commentary: Opioid abuse is serious, but so is chronic pain

Abuse and addiction must be addressed, but the opioid crackdown has left some patients to suffer.

Commentary: We need to teach our students how to dissent

Dissent strengthens democracy and it’s necessary to a good education in civics and government.

Viewpoints: The man behind the NCAA’s madness

The NCAA makes its money not from football but basketball and off the labor of ‘student-athletes.’

Commentary: Sno-Isle depends on voter-approved tax levy

The library system, which last went to voters in 2009, seeks a 9-cent increase in its levy rate.