Commentary: It’s never too soon to confront threat to life

Here’s what Congress can do, now, says U.S. Rep Rick Larsen, to address gun violence.

Viewpoints: Why the public distrusts the news media

But it can fix that mistrust by strengthening local journalism and fostering conservative writers.

Comment: Vietnam veterans owed thanks of nation, other vets

Rarely thanked at the time, Vietnam vets made contributions to the nation and those who followed.

Commentary: Work to fight veteran suicide starts at re-entry

Re-entry into society is often difficult for veterans. We need to meet their needs from the start.

Viewpoints: Could Trump beg Manafort’s pardon?

There are limits to President Trump’s ability to avoid scrutiny by pardoning Manafort and others.

Commentary: WGU accepts finacial aid without aid of a faculty

The U.S. Department of Education found that many WGU courses don’t meet standards of instruction.

Comment: Improve access to clinical trials for people of color

About 10 percent of minorities are included in clinical trials but are 40 percent of the population.

Comment: Efforts continue to step back from nuclear brink

The Nobel for peace brings focus on work to urge nations to abandon their suicidal game of chicken.

Viewpoints: What should a man say to #MeToo?

How you speak about women matters, especially when you’re with other men. Talk less and listen more.

Viewpoints: Gun control and the Founding Fathers

Laws regarding gun registration, public carry and more were around long before the Second Amendment.

Viewpoints: Gratitude for ‘trail angels’ and volunteers

Even experienced, prepared hikers sometimes must rely on fellow hikers, rangers and rescue crews.

Commentary: Tribal history key to learning shared culture

Schools have been encouraged teach tribal history since 2005; in 2015 it became mandatory.

Commentary: Good revenue news still falls short of our budget

The $535 million in additional revenue now projected won’t cover the budget’s optimistic forecast.

Viewpoints: Vegas doesn’t need your prayers; it needs action

If you want to send thoughts, send them to lawmakers to give us all sensible gun regulations.

Commentary: The sad fraternity of schools after shootings

When Marysville’s school superintendent heard news of a shooting, she didn’t hesitate to go there.

Comment: State budget impasse delaying Everett Port cleanup

Delay of the cleanup of a Weyerhaeuser mill site is holding back economic development.

Commentary: As bad as Graham-Cassidy was, could it return?

The bill was a threat to millions. Congress should be discouraged from drafting anything similar.

Viewpoints: How to select a relief charity after a disaster

If you want to see your money used most effectively, do a little research into charities first.

Commentary: Choose words with care when discussing suicide

Social media has increased the opportunities to talk about suicide, and with it our responsibilty.

Commentary: Give retail marijuana balanced consideration

Retail sale of cannabis is up to Snohomish voters, and there are reasons to support it.