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Editorial: Levy cliff avoided, but lawmakers left out details

By The Herald Editorial Board As we’re talking about schools, let’s grade this by subject: In passing legislation that extended the “levy cliff” deadline by… Continue reading

Editorial: Allow more sun to shine on public records

By The Herald Editorial Board As discussed on this page Monday, the mayor of Langley on Whidbey Island raised eyebrows by billing a local newspaper… Continue reading

Editorial: A mayor’s wacky tax on local media a bad move

By The Herald Editorial Board President Trump may refer to many in the media as “the enemy of the American People,” but at least he… Continue reading

Editorial: Reason for hope on school funding agreement

By The Herald Editorial Board That the Legislature was able to pull many of the state’s 295 school districts away from the “levy cliff” —… Continue reading

Editorial: Why grizzly bears need to return to the North Cascades

By The Herald Editorial Board As awe-inspiring as the North Cascades National Park and its adjacent wilderness areas are, there is something missing, something that… Continue reading

Editorial: Thumbs down on House GOP’s Obamacare replacement

By The Herald Editorial Board Movie producers, when they expect poor reviews, often won’t screen a movie for film critics before it’s released, pinning their… Continue reading

Editorial: Save EPA, but let state take lead on clean water rules

By The Herald Editorial Board Nuance and moderation have not seen the outside of President Trump’s tool bag during his first few weeks in the… Continue reading

Editorial: Voters knew approving ST3 would bring tax increases

By The Herald Editorial Board The reports of sticker shock were to be expected as vehicle owners in Snohomish, King and Pierce counties began receiving… Continue reading

Editorial: Everett needs to consider what’s next for its golf courses

By The Herald Editorial Board If golf is, as the saying goes, a good walk spoiled, it isn’t doing much for the city of Everett’s… Continue reading

Editorial: Drugmakers need to show costs behind drug prices

By The Herald Editorial Board There is no shortage of outrageous examples of medication price hikes by pharmaceutical companies. Take your pick (and swallow with… Continue reading

Editorial: A pathway to careers for community college students

By The Herald Editorial Board State lawmakers are considering expansion of a successful scholarship program that could help connect more students with good-paying jobs in… Continue reading

Editorial: State must boost funding for vital public health agencies

By The Herald Editorial Board The Snohomish Health District, which is responsible for providing a range of public health services to the more than three-quarters… Continue reading

Editorial: Keeping library, public spaces open for all

its parks, plazas and libraries — greatly contribute to the livability of a city. They… Continue reading

Editorial: Welcome Pluto back to the planetary family

By The Herald Editorial Board All of those who grew up having learned that Pluto was the ninth planet in the solar system and were… Continue reading

Burbank: Tax breaks for Boeing have helped send jobs out of state

By John Burbank Here’s a headline that should make us happy: “Trump, Battered in Washington, Is Buoyed at Boeing Rally.” That was from the New… Continue reading

Editorial: Scale back credit requirement for high school diploma

By The Herald Editorial Board For most high school students and their parents, Washington state’s graduation requirements for standardized tests and class credits can seem… Continue reading

Editorial: Better access to school breakfasts benefits students

By The Herald Editorial Board Mom was right, of course: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And whether Mom knew it or… Continue reading

Editorial: Make Sasquatch state’s official ‘cryptid’ before Oregon does

By The Herald Editorial Board Legislation that would have named Sasquatch, also known as Bigfoot and the Forest Yeti, as Washington state’s official cryptid, didn’t… Continue reading

Editorial: Council districts not answer for Everett’s neighborhoods

which also serves as one of the city’s… Continue reading