I Brake for Moms

This year, the kids get floss for Easter

Easter without the gore. That was my plan the first time I explained the basic tenets of Christianity to my son. He was 3 years… Continue reading

What it takes to party like a mom

You’d never know it by our jeans and clogs, but when moms party, things can get pretty wild. After all, some of us were sorority… Continue reading

Romance on hold ‘til kids are asleep

In honor of Valentine’s Day coming up Thursday, I thought I would offer some empathy to all of you moms and dads who didn’t book… Continue reading

Financial trouble often is beyond one’s control

On Feb. 11, The Herald published a letter to the editor from Carla White of Lake Forest Park that moved me deeply. It was titled… Continue reading

Ski lessons bring out inner cranky child in mom

Learning to ski turns back the clock Every Saturday my husband gets a third child: ME. That’s because I’ve been learning to ski this winter,… Continue reading

This apple definitely did not keep the doctor away

Do you want to know six words that will make a rainy afternoon more exciting? Try hearing your daughter say, “There’s an apple up my… Continue reading

Can a family eat thrifty AND healthy? Let’s find out

Admittedly, I’m obsessed. It all started a few weeks ago when I was at Trader Joe’s. I was just there to pick up “a few… Continue reading

The challenge of eating by the USDA guidelines

Prepping for the MyPlate on My Budget Experiment means figuring out what the USDA wants me to eat Can I follow the USDA thrifty food… Continue reading

The mountain of toys keeps growing

Stuffed animals must breed when we aren’t looking. That’s why there are so many of them. Or maybe the real problem is that unlike most… Continue reading

Where to take your family for a fun visit to Edmonds

I’m always on the lookout for fun things to do with little ones, especially when the weather is grim. Lucky for me, downtown Edmonds is… Continue reading

There’s no way Mom can ever be as cool as Auntie

My much younger sister came to visit this week from San Francisco. I started mixing up her name and my daughter’s name almost immediately. “Mommy!”… Continue reading

Helping children work through letter reversals

When I was a K-4 teacher one of the most common questions I heard from parents concerned letter reversals. Are they normal? When should you… Continue reading

Intestinal bug is more than a mom can stomach

I haven’t seen my children in two days. That’s because I spent all of yesterday with my cheek on the bathroom floor. Today I’ve graduated… Continue reading

How to create a writing corner for your child

When I was a K-4 teacher, one of my constant questions for parents was “Have you set up a writing corner for your child?” A… Continue reading

Snohomish mom creates an app for keepsake artwork

Admit it. Those paintings your child brought home from preschool? Two of them are up on the fridge. The other 10 have mysteriously disappeared. It’s… Continue reading

Comedy night: laughs were good, and so was the cause

This past weekend my husband and I enjoyed a rare night out together when we went to the 6th annual Edmonds Comedy Night down at… Continue reading

MyPlate on My Budget: Grow money on trees

Can I follow the USDA thrifty food plan and feed my family the Choose MyPlate advised daily nutrients? That’s the question Rose McAvoy and I… Continue reading

Growing a winter vegetable garden in the Pacific Northwest

This morning our thermometer says it’s 32 degrees outside. Everywhere there is frost, and it is cold, cold, COLD! So today seemed the perfect day… Continue reading

We’re not Seattle, and that’s just fine

“I’m from Seattle.” Have you ever found yourself saying that to somebody while you’re on vacation, even though it’s not true? You know that if… Continue reading

A fun math game for preschoolers

Here’s a fun math game for preschoolers called “Make Me Dinner.” This game is deceptively simple. It works on loads of math skills through pretend… Continue reading