I Brake for Moms

Envelope wallet helps manage money

One of my goals for 2013 is to teach my daughter about money and the difference between needs versus wants. Specifically, I want my preschooler… Continue reading

Even faith in infomercials is rewarded eventually

I have a sincere love of infomercials. Go ahead and mock me; I’m used to it. Those steam-heated hot rollers I bought in high school… Continue reading

Stamp books encourage good behavior

I’m a big believer in behavior modification through token economies. I find that it’s really easy to catch my kids being bad, but it’s much… Continue reading

Recess Music from your local library

This summer my family listened to a free advanced review copy of Gratitude Attitude, the newest title in Recess Music’s “Best Foot Forward” series. We… Continue reading

Packing for vacation is part of the adventure

When Mom packs your family up for vacation this summer, please give her a round of applause. Making sure you have clean socks isn’t as… Continue reading

A passport to good behavior

Are you going on a family vacation this summer? Sometimes the thought of traveling with small children can scare the starch out of you, but… Continue reading

Cruise to Alaska feeds the soul, and the waistline

By the time this column is printed I’ll be home in Edmonds, but right now I’m writing from deck 14 of the Celebrity Solstice. My… Continue reading

A stop-worthy book shop in Darrington

I’m a sucker for books. I can’t go to Stanwood without stopping at The Snow Goose Bookstore. In Snohomish, Uppercase Bookshop gets my heart (and… Continue reading

People-watching was part of the fun of camping

My family recently went car camping at Bedal Campground just off the Mountain Loop Highway. It’s a beautiful place to go, but if you do,… Continue reading

Local mom creates new way to celebrate pregnancy

Watch out baby showers, you’ve got some competition! Snohomish County mom, Hava Skovron, has invented a new way to celebrate pregnancy. She writes about it… Continue reading

Helping foster kindness in our children and ourselves

How to get along with your fellow human beings is one of the hardest things to teach. Kindness, which sounds so simple, is often in… Continue reading

Secret gate joins yards and hearts

Seven years ago this summer, my family moved to Edmonds. It took us about a month before we realized there was a secret gate in… Continue reading

Parenting the Gifted Blog Tour, 2013

One of the great things about living in Washington State is the abundance of Highly Capable Programs. Some people vilify the idea of gifted education… Continue reading

A gateway to discussing Internet privacy with your teen

If you’ve ever been freaked out about what your teenagers might be getting into on the Internet, then “Nerve” by Seattle author Jeanne Ryan is… Continue reading

Backyard campouts will all too soon be just a memory

Last night, my 8-year-old son and I camped out in the back yard. It was supposed to be a family affair, but my 3-year-old daughter… Continue reading

Gap between generations is sometimes a gulf

Last July, I wrote a column for The Weekly Herald about how much my family enjoyed watching the Stormtroopers march in the Edmonds’ Fourth of… Continue reading

Fatherhood’s changed a lot since ‘Mr. Mom’

Do you ever find yourself wondering what happened to Michael Keaton. First he was Beetlejuice. Then he was Batman. Now he’s nowhere to be seen.… Continue reading

Clifford is a lot of dog to love (and care for)

Clifford the Big Red Dog is certainly drool-worthy. That’s why the first 100 times I read Clifford to my kids at bedtime I found him… Continue reading

About the poop in the bathtub — it’s not real

One morning this summer I woke up in my 4-year-old’s bed, looked over, and saw a horse head. It was straight out of the movie… Continue reading

A program to stem the summer slide

Being a former teacher makes me worry about “the summer slide”. That’s when kids lose their academic edge over summer, and reenter school needing serious… Continue reading