Unions ensure workers have a voice

As I reflect on this holiday season, I am filled with gratitude for the life I have. Besides my amazing wife and family, a job… Continue reading

Reverse racism in coloring book is still racism

This is incredible, three-quarters of a page with an article promoting a book,. “I am So Sick of White Guys,” (Coloring book by white guys… Continue reading

Snohomish Carnegie project has become money pit

City of Snohomish administrators believe our local state legislators will be successful in gaining a $1.95 million grant to demolish the 1968 annex of the… Continue reading

State AG’s lawsuit show political agenda

State Attorney General Bob Ferguson, aka Side Show Bob, a Democrat is running for governor. If you didn’t know, you may be living under a… Continue reading

Where’s the windfall from pot sales?

Question: Why don’t they take these hundreds of millions of dollars from pot and booze taxes and really do something with it? There is so… Continue reading

Fox News’ attacks of Mueller are inexcusable

Anyone watching Fox News these days can see the systematic attempt they are waging to discredit Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller and even the FBI itself.… Continue reading

Garrison Keillor column provided break from bad news

I miss Garrison Keillor’s column. He was bright and thought-provoking and witty. Heavy reading in The Sunday Herald today about tax reforms winners and losers.… Continue reading

‘Boys’ didn’t learn lessons about how to treat women

With all the “boys” getting in trouble for sexual misconduct against women, I wonder if some of these guys are still wearing their high school… Continue reading

Amtrak derailment raises questions about transit funds

The recent tragic train derailment has brought a couple of issues to the forefront. Several weeks ago I wrote to Sens. Steven Hobbs and John… Continue reading

GOP tax cut bill does bidding of corporate backers

Congratulations to GOP, Inc., for finally bringing to market their signature product: a massive tax cut for the rich. The ultra rich have invested hundreds… Continue reading

Cascade High food drive shows they have hearts of servants

What a thrill to read the article about Cascade High School students food drive! (“Almost every student chips in to make this fundraiser work,” The… Continue reading

Portrait of Everett mayor also honors spirit of local artist

Over many years, I worked at Snohomish Public Utility District, I formed a great respect and admiration for Bernie Weber, who was a most admired… Continue reading

A bipartisan tax bill would have better chance of survival

I don’t think a lot of Americans realize what’s happening to this country. The “my way or the highway” mindset among so many of us… Continue reading

Schools, like counties, dealing with unfunded mandates

In his Dec. 13 Herald column, Jerry Cornfield asserts that “the economy generates billions of extra dollars for the state’s coffers while still not producing… Continue reading

Sid Schwab expands reader’s vocabulary

Keep Sid Schwab coming! I love that he tells it like it is. Besides, he expands my vocabulary. Any Trump lover isn’t going to be… Continue reading

Sid Schwab’s frustration with Trump is understandable

Oh, for Pete’s sake! Sid Schwab utterly consumed with hatred toward Trump and his supporters? (“Sid Schwab unable to be civil, even-handed,” Herald letters to… Continue reading

Commentary: Others should consider Seattle’s free college plan

Seattle has plans to expand its offer of free community college for some students.

Ignatius: North Korea’s reluctance to talk discouraging

North Koreans evidently want to bargain, but from a position of maximum strength.

Some Seahawk players setting poor example for kids

As a Seahawk season ticket holder for 25 years, I have been through the ups and downs with our beloved Hawks, but these past two… Continue reading

Appreciate columnists Will, Krauthammer, Ignatius

A brief comment on a few of The Herald’s syndicated columnists: While I don’t always agree with their analyses and comments I retain a great… Continue reading