What is the purpose of assault weapons?

I remember as a kid if you owned a BB gun or a slingshot you were hot stuff. Nowadays, even a handgun doesn’t really impress… Continue reading

Why should Republicans fear more voters?

So Republican Rep. Morgan Irwin, R-Enumclaw, does not believe that the states should be laboratories where new laws are tried out (“Democrats seek automatic and… Continue reading

Divisiveness keeping us from solution to gun violence

In years past, in the Midwest where I came from, you could drive through high school parking lots and see students’ pickups with gun racks… Continue reading

Give Dreamers a path to citizenship

At least 78 percent of Americans are in favor of giving the Dreamers a path to citizenship. We all know that it will cost employers… Continue reading

Write and call your lawmakers on gun legislation

Yet another mass shooting has devastated an American town. The usual expressions of sympathy were offered. The usual demands for stronger protections were made, and… Continue reading

Dreamers have earned the right to citizenship

As a former elementary school counselor in a school district with a high percentage of immigrants, I know the Dreamers well. The majority of them… Continue reading

Story missed reasons for increase in gang activity

As usual The Herald completely neglects the elephant in the room with its article on the increase of gang activity in south Everett (“Gang activity… Continue reading

Students need to lead protests on gun laws

The students must lead because the adults won’t. The students should organize all across the country and demand a lot more money and resources for… Continue reading

Why were elections scheduled before taxes mailed?

Just opened our property taxes. Just four questions: Who proposed having school bond and levy votes the first part of February? Why then, before receiving… Continue reading

Lawmakers’ passage of public records exemptions a travesty

The state Legislature has passed a law to exempt themselves from our public disclosure law. I have expressed my displeasure to my local legislators and… Continue reading

Voters need to remember Legislature’s actions on records act

Well, we all now know what most of us suspected: Ethics are situational, and far too many of our elected officials compromise our interests to… Continue reading

Do we put too much pressure on parents to get it right?

In response to Paul Schoenfeld’s column in Feb. 2 Sunday Herald, “You have great power over your child’s future”: Like much of parenting advice, Mr.… Continue reading

NRA might as well run a pool on next massacre

Saw Sen. Ted Cruz this morning on The FoxZombies Show noting that guns are not the problem in shootings. He’s convinced me that there’s no… Continue reading

Steps we can do to promote children’s emotional health

The current school violence shows we as a society are sick. How much more do we need to tolerate until this nation deals with our… Continue reading

Can we keep guns and kids safe?

I don’t care what your political beliefs are; I don’t care who you support or even why. I want our nation to come together with… Continue reading

Parents, students, teachers must act to pass gun control laws

I like many Americans am sad, and extremely angry. Because of the absence of reasonable gun control legislation, America has become a scary place to… Continue reading

Eugene Robinson can stop; we know Trump shortcomings

It’s very sad to keep hearing from Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson and his constant an unbending hateful attitude toward Mr. Trump. He cannot seem… Continue reading

God, not Putin, decided election’s outcome

Regarding Penny Whites Feb. 13 letter to the editor, “God is not to blame for Trump,” there is another answer, and it is not Putin.… Continue reading

Why I have a poor attitude about this state

Trump hate just continues in this state even though the economy is booming under his leadership. I can’t say enough how hypocritical the Democrats are… Continue reading

City’s building height limit stunts growth

Recently there has been a discussion about building height restrictions in Everett and particularly in what I call the station district which is the area… Continue reading