Vote makes it clear: No pot shops in Snohomish

The advisory vote on Proposition 1 in Snohomish on retail marijuana sales was not even a close call. With that result, allow me to remind… Continue reading

Why gut Medicaid to pay for bombs?

Donald Trump, in a fit of pique over not being able to scuttle Obamacare, just arbitrarily cut $7 billion dollars in Medicaid funding by executive… Continue reading

Cocoon House has programs to aid families, teens

I read with deep sadness the Nov. 14 Herald article about the tragic death of David Sandoval and the impact his passing has left on… Continue reading

Hatchery steelhead are making returns worse for wild fish

Regarding Wayne Kruse’s column in the Nov. 15 Herald, the reason there are no steelhead to be had this winter in most Puget Sounds rivers… Continue reading

Living right is not a cure-all; we need the ACA

This is a response to a Nov. 16 letter to the editor (“Personal responsibility saves money”). I have been a vegetarian for almost 50 years,… Continue reading

Does low voter turnout point to apathy toward local politics?

The November voter turnout displayed either burnout or apathy. Either way this indifference will have consequences. I’ll focus on Monroe, which is where I live… Continue reading

Big cities are driving our politics

It seems with more and more activists getting into big city politics they are trying to push it on us. The big city is where… Continue reading

Letter writers rely on emotion, not fact on firearms

I’ve noticed the most vociferous anti-gun letter authors are usually the least informed on firearms and crime. I guess ignorance is bliss and emotions rule… Continue reading

Maybe we’ll pass the Trump stress test

I’m encouraged by the changes in America recently. The woman’s march has translated into a sea change in the specifics of how men treat women,… Continue reading

Media cited in voter fraud letter are on the extreme right

In response to the Nov. 13 letter to the editor, “Evidence of fraud is out there,” the writer has cited U.S. News, Washington Free Beacon… Continue reading

Taxpayers are not on the hook for state’s suits against Trump

I was surprised to read the Nov. 2 letter to the editor published in the Herald titled “State AG’s lawsuits against Trump wasting money.” A… Continue reading

Opposition to methadone clinic fuels more addiction

Currently, it is much easier to get high on streets of Everett, than it is to get help for opioid addiction. This is a problem… Continue reading

Personal responsibility saves money

Thank you for publishing Michelle Singletary’s column “Spending should be painful, not painless” in the Nov. 9 Herald. For those who missed it: “Buying a… Continue reading

Stanwood YMCA’s pool needs to see more swimmers

The YMCA in Stanwood has had to close its lap swimming pool weekdays, 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. due to lack of swimmers! Remember how… Continue reading

Archbishop Murphy football coach should follow his own advice

Regarding the Oct. 23 Herald sports story regarding reduced sign-ups for high school football: Archbishop Murphy football coach Jerry Jensen notes there are groups of… Continue reading

Do most believe they’ll see tax cuts from GOP plan?

Here is a simple question for all of my Republican and Democrat friends. Do you truly feel you are smarter than a fifth grader? At… Continue reading

Herald columnists provide hope and guidance

Thank you for publishing Larry Simoneaux’s Oct. 23 column (“Our better angels have them outnumbered”) and thank you, Larry, for being the beacon of home.… Continue reading

Losing interest in Seahawks becasue of their lack of respect

I served in the military during the 1960s and definitely believe in standing during the national anthem. I am also very disappointed in seeing some… Continue reading

Online political ad reflected poorly on The Herald

I am a long time subscriber, most recently reading The Herald online. Prior to the recent election for a new Everett mayor, I was stunned… Continue reading

Tired of media’s political rants

Larry Simoneaux, in his Oct. 23 Herald column hits the nail on the head. He says emphatically that reporters should tell stories that promote goodwill… Continue reading