Costs in Everett schools bond comparable to similar projects

I urge voters in the Everett School District to approve the district’s upcoming levy and capital bond. Proposition 1 replaces the existing levy and will… Continue reading

Ron Gipson’s ‘locker room talk’ is harassment

So ex-Everett City Councilman Ron Gipson denies harassing any women, yet admits to “locker room talk.” He just doesn’t get it! (“Former Everett councilman suing… Continue reading

We can’t afford tax increase for new Lake Stevens library

Alert to Lake Stevens residents; Your house payment or rent is going up! (“Here’s how much property taxes will rise to pay for schools,” The… Continue reading

All in Congress should share blame for shutdown

Congress has once again reaffirmed its devotion to political party over its commitment to constituents. The recent vote to shut down the government is somewhat… Continue reading

George Will a welcome voice on immigration

I was disgusted by the predictable stupidity that caused the loss of Garrison Keillor’s column in The Herald. The #MeToo movement’s wild swing from not… Continue reading

Herald Opinion page is mostly propaganda

In November I read your full page message from your publisher and editor. I have subscribed to The Herald for over 10 years now and… Continue reading

As a matter of fact, I vote and I march

In response to Diane Ferguson’s question in her Jan. 23 letter to the editor about marchers being voters: I have never missed the opportunity to… Continue reading

Judge Rep. DelBene by her work for her constituents

The day after the celebration of change-maker Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., comes a letter judging my congresswoman not by the content of her character,… Continue reading

Republicans should ask if they follow Lincoln or Trump

“I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. … Corporations… Continue reading

Why would Norwegians want to come to America?

Since President Trump questioned why more people from Norway aren’t immigrating to the United States, it’s instructive to explore why that might be the case.… Continue reading

Did the participants in weekend’s marches vote in elections?

My question: How many of Saturday’s and Sunday’s marchers have voted the last couple of years in the local, state and national elections? Diane Ferguson… Continue reading

Disagrees that state AG’s lawsuits are not funded by taxpayers

Regarding state Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s Jan. 5 letter to the editor (“Attorney general’s lawsuits are not funded by taxpayers”), does Mr. Ferguson honestly believe… Continue reading

Linking test to graduation saps soul of students

I disagree that “ending the testing requirement for a high school diploma would be a disservice to all students.” (“Editorial: Don’t break the link between… Continue reading

Marysville voters should support both school district levies

Education is a great equalizer in a world in which children live in all varieties of socioeconomic situations, having absolutely no control over the circumstances… Continue reading

Flights from Paine Field will trash air, property values

On behalf of the vast majority of the 20,000-plus citizens of Mukilteo, I would like say thanks, but no thanks to our former County Council… Continue reading

More information, please, on Everett schools bond

In February, I understand that citizens living in the Everett School District will be asked to vote on a $330 million bond issue. All i… Continue reading

Yes vote for Everett school bond invests in future careers

As a health care professional, I have seen first-hand, the growth and aging of our local population. We need to prepare for the future, and… Continue reading

Comments at Snohomish council dragging out meetings

11 p.m. That’s what time the Snohomish city council meeting on Jan. 16 ended, two hours past the scheduled end time. Why? Because of the… Continue reading

River channel must be cleared before Index-Galena Road fixed

It is almost facetious to say that celebrating the rebirth of access to the entire North Fork of the Skykomish River is premature (“Work on… Continue reading

Support bills to ban use of chemicals in food packaging

I recently learned that the microwave popcorn I eat can contain harmful cancer-causing nonstick chemicals. They come from the nonstick coating inside the bag. Yuck!… Continue reading