Don’t use Bible to justify government taxes

One of your letter writers was quoting from the Bible to support his position against “trickle down theory.” First of all, taxing the rich more… Continue reading

PUD’s Sunset Falls hydro project will harm salmon, orcas

Recent Herald articles and letters to the editor have focused on the plight of our southern resident orca whales. These magnificent creatures are on the… Continue reading

Is Trump really as successful as letter writer claims?

Many thanks to the writer of the letter to the editor in the Nov. 26 Herald who assures us that President Trump is doing a… Continue reading

Where’s the GOP’s concern for the national debt, now?

Republicans in the House of Representatives have passed the Tax Cut and Jobs Act, and the Senate is working on a companion bill. The bill… Continue reading

Foundation’s Festival of Trees is a holiday hug for community

I’d like to express my appreciation to everyone who helped make Community Day at the annual Providence General Foundation Festival of Trees a joyful event.… Continue reading

Mountlake Terrace basketball coaches deserve recognition

It is very fitting and appropriate that two terrific local coaches are going to be entering the WIBCA Hall of Fame at the same time… Continue reading

Constitution’s writers anticipated firearms’ development

A frequently expressed opinion by those wanting more gun control and/or restrictions is that the Second Amendment was meant to include only firearms that used… Continue reading

Herald headline misstated story about congressman

The Daily Herald took a full page ad Nov. 24, stating its “commitment to serving Snohomish County with reliable news and information.” Right. In the… Continue reading

Will definition of sexual harassment makes us all guilty?

Every day now, the first news we all hear is about the sexual harassment claims that keep coming day after day. Let’s all face the… Continue reading

Support for Arlington School Board candidacy appreciated

Thank you to the voters of Arlington for electing me to help direct the next four years of the Arlington School District. I am grateful… Continue reading

Women have long gotten blame for sexual harassment

The media has been filled with salacious stories of men in the entertainment industry, Congress and the media, itself, about incidents of sexual predation on… Continue reading

Camano Island Fire and Rescue thanks levy voters

On behalf of Camano Island Fire and Rescue, I would like to thank our community for supporting our recent fire levy lid lift request. This… Continue reading

Cartoon downplayed role of mental illness in gun violence

Six days after the Las Vegas shootings, The Herald printed yet another misleading comic in very poor taste. It portrayed a stop sign with bullet… Continue reading

Open internet must be maintained

On Nov. 21, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai unveiled his plot to compromise net neutrality. Being a high school senior, it’s easy for authority figures to… Continue reading

Thanks to County Council for holding line on taxes

It is not often that we have the opportunity when it comes to a government entity to thank or praise them when it comes to… Continue reading

Herald photos of Monroe High football missed best plays

Congratulations to all the Monroe High School Bearcat football players, coaches, staff, cheer leaders and community support for a fantastic season. You made history and… Continue reading

Reader appreciates variety of stories in The Herald

I would like to compliment The Herald on its coverage. You only seem to get negative feedback from your readers on the whole. I have… Continue reading

Snohomish city manager’s severance too pricey

How much in total has Larry Baumann, the outgoing Snohomish city manager, cost the taxpayers of Snohomish with his bad decisions during his way-too-long tenure?… Continue reading

Troy Kelley didn’t act guilty with the money

I say Troy Kelley is not guilty (“Emails could provide answers at ex-state auditor’s new trial,” The Herald, Nov. 12). Kelley is in his second… Continue reading

What if we did away with borders worldwide?

Here’s a simplistic solution to the border wall. Let’s eliminate all borders on the continent. The American continent would have no borders between countries. I… Continue reading