Paine Field

Snohomish County and FAA play hardball over Paine Field

Two top Snohomish County officials have been told by an FAA official that possibly millions of dollars could be withheld from the county-run airport until… Continue reading

County won’t fund Paine Field terminal

Snohomish County opened the door to building a new airline terminal at Paine Field on Wednesday. Over the objections of many in a… Continue reading

Mukilteo promises battle over Paine Field flights

Opponents of commercial airline service at Paine Field vow to start a time-consuming, expensive legal battle to delay flights from the airport as… Continue reading

New rule for Paine Field plans

The Snohomish County Council voted Wednesday to force County Executive Aaron Reardon to take a stand on any airport projects he sends their… Continue reading

Paine Field warning was premature, FAA says

The federal government has not cut off or delayed any funding for Paine Field despite a federal official’s verbal warnings to Snohomish County,… Continue reading

Paine Field flights likely to begin in a year

Had Horizon Air been able to carry out its original plan, the airline would be flying passengers out of Paine Field by now.… Continue reading

Mukilteo forms its battle plans for fight over Paine Field

Opponents of passenger flights at Paine Field won’t allow those jets in the air without a fight. The city of Mukilteo has several… Continue reading

Paine Field deal in the works

Horizon Air could reach an agreement with Snohomish County as early as next month to operate flights from Paine Field. Environmental hurdles for… Continue reading

Airport study may call for growth at smaller fields

A statewide study on airport capacity due to be finished soon seems to support the idea that local airports such as Paine Field,… Continue reading

Gossett’s views on mini-cities muddled

Someone needs a timeout: The latest installment in the soap opera at 3000 Rockefeller Ave. would be funny if it didn’t involve such a serious… Continue reading

Paine Field paving fixed; runway reopens

EVERETT — A repaving project gone wrong has been righted and the main runway at Paine Field is open again. The 9,100-foot runway opened about… Continue reading

Watch as German aerial history takes flight today

Vintage aircraft from Paul Allen’s Flying Heritage Collection — including WWII German fighters — will be on display from noon to 1 p.m.… Continue reading

13 vintage aircraft will reside in a new museum at Paine Field

EVERETT — In 1945, shortly after the end of World War II in Europe, an officer took a P-51B Mustang fighter out for a training… Continue reading

WWII buff and vet take ‘Sentimental Journey’ aboard a B-17

EVERETT — It lasted only about 20 minutes, but for Steve Grimsley, it was the trip of a lifetime. A serious World War II buff,… Continue reading

Kids learn they can fly past disability

Allene Hicks recently discovered that her only limit was the sky. Allene, 13, was one of about 130 kids and adults who participated… Continue reading

Plans for regular Paine Field flights slow but moving

EVERETT — Environmental studies regarding a new airline terminal building at Paine Field are under way, though two airlines hoping to provide passenger service there… Continue reading

Pilot OK after flipping float plane

The pilot of a float plane that flipped while making an emergency landing near Seattle’s Shilshole Bay Marina on Puget Sound says the… Continue reading

Filmmaker takes on poverty right at his level

Jennifer Clements “discovered” a homeless filmmaker in Seattle. They met on Craigslist, fell in love, and now she lives with Eric “Protein” Moseley in Snohomish.… Continue reading

Obstacles for aerospace training center planned for Paine Field

County Executive Aaron Reardon made a big splash a few weeks back announcing an empty building at Paine Field would become home for an aerospace… Continue reading

Federal stimulus money goes for Paine Field paving

A $7.9 million federal grant will help pave a taxiway at Snohomish County’s Paine Field airport, county officials announced Thursday. The money from… Continue reading