Check This Out: ‘Words from the Heart,’ by Eric L. Weiner

  • Mon Aug 29th, 2011 4:39pm

What: “Words from the Heart,” by Eric L. Weiner

Recommended by: by Diane Jochimsen, president of White Raven Financial Services

The pitch: Do you desire for more than just a legal will to be read upon your death?

Many of us put off writing about the stories that make up our journey through life because the thought of doing the task is overwhelming. For those who wish to have a narrative will to accompany a legal will, it might be worth reading Weiner’s “Words from the Heart: A Practical Guide to Writing an Ethical Will.”

If you’re looking for guidance on sharing your own particular values and experiences with an audience after you have passed (or even now, while you are living), this guide may be just to the ticket. The book also provides quotes by famous authors for inspiration for those who find words and thoughts hard to put on paper. It’s a handy tool for the nonwriter.