Councilwoman targeted by graffiti

  • Tue Aug 21st, 2012 7:20pm

By Katya Yefimova Herald writer

EDMONDS — Edmonds City Councilwoman Diane Buckshnis was gardening Aug. 21 when something caught her attention.

Someone wrote the word “bitch” in bright-green letters on the window of her husband’s Jeep.

“It is unfortunate that folks who may have a disagreement or problem with my views over something can’t either stop by and ring the doorbell or call,” she said.

She has filed a police report at the police chief’s suggestion.

The slur on the Jeep’s window wasn’t the first time someone tried to send a crude message to Buckshnis. The councilwoman said she found dog feces in her turnaround after the City Council repealed the cat containment law, and again a week later by the gate where Buckshnis exits her yard.

The councilwoman said she wasn’t deterred by the incident.

“If someone is this passionate about my issues, I welcome them to bring them up personally with me,” she said. “My door is open and you obviously know where I live.”