Coupon book available at Matchplays Unlimited

  • Tuesday, November 1, 2005 9:00pm

Its a new twist on an old idea. Michael Wood and Alan Poole, founders of Matchplays Unlimited, have created something that no casino visitor should be without. Just in time for the holiday season, the Lady Luck Casino Coupon Book is now available. It features more than $2,400 in gaming coupon value (150-plus gaming coupons) and more than $400 in dining discounts (43 dining coupons of either 50 percent off or 2-for-1 specials) for just $40.

There are hotel and bowling coupons too. It was actually Alans idea, Wood said. Its based on those dining and entertaining books with all the coupons. But this is for casinos. Most of the coupons in the book are popular match-play coupons. When gaming at the casino, players can put one of these coupons under their bet and if they win the bet, the casino will match the win.

Although most of the coupons are single use, there are play until you win blackjack coupons that are good until you receive a blackjack, and poker buy-in coupons that earn the player an extra $20 after play on a live game for two hours and more. There are 13 participating Puget Sound casinos in the book. Wood and Poole knew that the books would be popular.

Both men have worked for the gaming industry for years and each holds a Class III gaming license from the State of Washington. They knew this would be a great way to give players better value for their entertainment dollar. Still, they were surprised at the immediate popularity of their product.

We far exceeded our expectations, Wood said. Currently there are four ways you can purchase a Lady Luck Casino Coupon Book. They are available for purchase directly from the Castle Casino in Everett. They also can be ordered by phone at (425) 299-8490 or (206) 303-9140, or by regular mail.

Another way to order the books and to get more information on participating casinos is by going online to the companys Web site at www.matchplay