EDITORIAL: Counting our blessings this holiday season

  • Tue Nov 23rd, 2010 3:11pm

The signs of the season are upon us: frozen turkeys are flying off the shelves (well, not literally); stores have put up their Christmas displays (next year, can they wait until after Thanksgiving?); and the snow is falling (unfortunately).

At this time of year, it’s traditional for families and individuals to give thanks to the people and things that make their lives better. With that in mind, we here at The Enterprise would like to give thanks for the following:

∙ our South County police officers and firefighters who keep us safe every day

∙ city workers who keep the traffic moving and the water flowing

∙ local teachers and coaches who are educating tomorrow’s leaders

∙ teenagers who already are stepping outside themselves to improve the world around them

∙ our readers, who help keep the conversations rolling

∙ food bank volunteers who are making sure no one goes hungry in South County

∙ small business owners who bring their unique personalities to our communities

∙ artists who bring a sense of beauty and culture to our world

∙ well-salted roads, a warm mug of cocoa, the scents of a meal about to be served, cheers and sneers over football on a big screen and staying home on Black Friday.