Edmonds: ‘Secret’ and ‘private’ mean the same thing

  • Tue May 18th, 2010 8:37pm

This is a response to the April 28 letters, “Skippers: No ‘secret’ meeting, city simply can’t afford property,” and “Edmonds building heights: No conspiracy to raise building heights,” defending the behavior of Edmonds Councilman D.J. Wilson.

First concerning secrecy/privacy: A citizen noted that a meeting on city property was about to take place involving three Edmonds Council persons and others. He thought he would observe. Mr. Wilson informed him that it was a “private” meeting and he could not attend. Later, when challenged at a City Council meeting about a “secret” meeting, Wilson stated that there was no “secret” meeting, just a “private” one. He further stated that “secret” is not “private.” He is dead wrong. Secret and private are synonyms, and therefore may be used interchangeably. Granted the word “secret” is a more emotional word.

On the other issue, Mr. Wilson himself brought up building heights when describing the “private” meeting to the full City Council. He did this by stating he would create a “win” situation for all by trading 50-foot building heights in exchange for property. I personally observed this. It was probably well-intentioned but in reality was yet another Wilson self-inflicted wound, and certainly not an unprovoked mean-hearted attack.

Ray Martin