Familiar names among 18 applicants for Edmonds council vacancy

  • By Evan Smith Herald writer
  • Tuesday, May 1, 2012 8:31pm

Several familiar names are among 18 applicants for a vacancy on the Edmonds City Council.

Four of the candidates are former council members, and three others were unsuccessful council candidates in the 2011 election.

One applicant is former Councilman Steve Bernheim, who didn’t run for re-election in 2011 after one term.

Another is former Councilman Ron Wambolt, elected in 2005 but falling behind Adrienne Fraley-Monillas and Lora Petso in the 2009 primary. Fraley-Monillas went on to defeat Petso in the general election, but Petso won appointment to the council in 2010 and won a full term in 2011. Wambolt was an unsuccessful applicant in 2010 for the vacancy to which Councilwoman Diane Buckshnis was appointed and the one to which former Mayor Mike Cooper was appointed.

A third former councilman is Roger Hertrich, who lost the 2011 mayoral primary to current Mayor Dave Earling and former Mayor Cooper. A fourth is Dick Van Hollebeke, who was an unsuccessful applicant for mayor when Cooper won appointment in 2010.

Other applicants include Alvin Rutledge, who lost in 2011 to Frank Yamamoto; Darlene Stern, who lost to Petso in 2011; Tad Halke, who lost to Buckshnis and Bob Wilcox in the 2011 primary; and Harry Gatjens, a columnist for the MyEdmondsNews website.

The council plans to interview applicants at a May 22 meeting.

The vacancy was created by the resignation of Councilman Michael Plunkett, which will be effective June 4.

Council President Strom Peterson says that the council plans to make the appointment June 5.

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