Haines Wharf Park woes continue

  • Tue Feb 21st, 2012 9:56pm

By Mina Williams Herald writer

EDMONDS — Controversy continues to surround Edmonds’ 29,000-square-foot Haines Wharf Park.

A contractor’s request for $950,000 on top of the park’s $2.3 million price tag is now a formal legal claim. Precision Earthworks, which filed its equitable adjustment request a year ago, also filed a $1 million claim for damages.

City Council was informed of the latest legal maneuvers at its Feb. 21 meeting. Legal action was expected.

The claims against the city for the project include charges for construction delays, office overhead and equipment rentals.

A subcontractor also is expected to file a $250,000 claim, according to Phil Williams, Edmonds’ public works director.

The city has hired two consultants to evaluate Precision Earthworks’ claims and its books.

The findings are to be reported to council in March.

Haines Wharf Park was plagued with more than $700,000 in change orders, mostly due to poor soil conditions.

Those orders were approved by council and signed by former mayors Gary Haakenson and Mike Cooper from late 2009 through the park’s completion at the end of 2011.

Council was so distraught over the mounting costs that it investigated Haakenson’s involvement to see if any criminal or civil laws or city policies were broken.