Local author takes a page from popular thrillers with ‘Babylon Prophecy’

  • Tue Jan 31st, 2012 8:06pm

<b>BOOK REVIEW | </b>By Dale Burrows For the Weekly Herald

He knows Tom Clancy, Vince Flynn, Stephen Coonts, Dale Brown and Eric Von Daniken like the back of his hand.

A writer reads.

“The Babylon Prophecy” is his first book. It is selling, a sequel is being edited and seven more books are planned.

A writer writes.

Mountlake Terrace resident Sean Salazar is a husband, father, practicing chiropractor in Edmonds and a writer.

And Salazar is an author whose book is attracting notice.

So what’s he got?

Ex-CIA sniper Al Robek discovers his ex-girlfriend Jess Contreras is responsible for the accidental bombing he is investigating in post-9/11 Iraq.

Investigating together, Robek and Contreras uncover a buried city and become targets of a secret brotherhood conspiring to set off worldwide armageddon.

From the Middle East to Europe to South America, government officials, international bankers and the Vatican figure into discoveries that raise more questions.

Espionage, out-of-nowhere surprises, life-threatening danger and high-speed excitement are at the heart of this first, in an intended body of nine books, in the epic adventure.

As for the overall unity of all nine books, Salazar intends to make each complete in itself and at the same time a natural step to the next. How, he didn’t say. What will it all add up to? That he keeps to himself.

“Prophecy” reads like a movie script. It is fast-paced, geared to visual action junkies and definitely makes you want to keep reading.

The characters are clearly defined but not unique. The military science, technological details and alternative theories of paleontology and archeology are well-researched and downright fun.

Stylistically, “Prophecy” is easy to follow, works with the action line in a simple, straightforward way and steers clear of anything approaching poetry. I recommend it for readers of action-adventure tailored to today’s fascination with technology, conspiracy in high places and survival on a global scale.

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To learn more about Sean Salazar and “The Babylon Prophecy,” contact Barb Kindness, publicist, at 206-473-9416 or barbkindness@gmail.com.