Love and marriage the focus of SCC’s ‘Big Love’

  • Tue Mar 13th, 2012 7:19pm

<b>REVIEW | </b>By Dale Burrows For the Weekly Herald

It is as ancient as Aeschylus, as today as Steven Spielberg. It is comedy, tragedy, satire, farce and drama with cameo appearances by opera and pop. It is Shoreline Community College’s production of “Big Love” by Charles L. Mee and directed by Jesse Ross.

Love vs. justice is in this smorgasbord of genres that whips up a question that has vexed folks for millennia.

The question is: What is a gal to do when forced to marry against her will? Bend? Break? Fight? Flee? What?

The answer parallels Aeschylus’ tragedy, “The Suppliant Women,” but streaks off into a variety of other directions, most of which comment in today’s language on issues of gender roles, sexual preference, political expediency and personal identity.

The back story is 50 sisters from Greece having escaped to Italy on their wedding day with their fiancés in hot pursuit.

The story focuses on three of those sisters washed ashore on the property of an Italian businessman and with no place to go.

The action generates out of the sisters asking the businessman to take them in. The fiancés are due to arrive any time. The clock is ticking. The fate of the sisters is at stake.

Expect train wrecks from Amy Provenzano and Dylan McKinney as Thyona, the bride, and Constantine, her groom. Provenzano stereotypes the angry feminist and McKinney, the full-steam-ahead misogynist.

Lower key but equally off-the-wall are Jessica Atkinson, of Bothell, as Olympia, the wimpy bride, and Cody Melnrick as Oed, her slow-witted groom.

Some romantic moments make Molly Tollefson’s Lydia and Danny Gilmore’s Nikos a possible eHarmony match. But violent outbursts, total misreads and utter confusion keep you guessing.

Other highlights include: Emilee Wood as the old hag; Frank William Jr. as the gay who gets real; Theodore Dubber as the suave, Italian businessman; and Aaron Toft and Delaney Berreth as the fantasy couple.

This is a literate take on an ages-old question, one of Shoreline CC’s most ambitious productions and a whole heck of a lot of fun.

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‘Big Love’

WHEN: 7:30 p.m. March 14-17

WHERE: Shoreline Community Collge, 16101 Greenwood Ave. N

TICKETS: $8, $6 seniors, available at the door, through and at 800-838-3006