Lynnwood: Dysfunction not helping city

  • Tue Nov 23rd, 2010 3:11pm

We have been continually hearing and reading about Lynnwood’s woes, ranging from this current budget mess to the misuse and mismanagement of funds, feuds among members of the City Council and mayor, the mayor’s abusive behavior toward city employees, the mayor being stripped of his powers and subsequently being asked by the council to step down.

How is the city benefiting from this dysfunctional governing body? Why hasn’t Mayor Don Gough explained himself, and is he just doing whatever a mayor who has been stripped of power does and getting paid for it?

The city’s publication “Inside Lynnwood” contains a story entitled, “The Lynnwood City Budget is Like Your Home Budget.” This title makes one think, “If I ran my home budget the way Lynnwood runs its budget, I would have no home!” The city is asking citizens for input. Why didn’t it ask for input when city officials were busy drowning us in debt? I hope there is some genius out there who can come up with a solution, but it seems to be a lose-lose situation for the citizens.

The story in the Nov. 12 Enterprise takes the cake. School-aged citizens decided to clean up a salmon stream and were encouraged by the city when they got grant approval for $1,000. Just as the project was about to begin, the city did an about-face and denied the funds because of the city budget.

Come on, Lynnwood. For once let’s hear a good story about our city. Reinstate the $1,000 to the kids. It’s a tiny drop in the bucket for a good cause.

Maribeth Johnson