New theater company’s ‘Nunsense’ is more than nonsense

  • Tue Aug 14th, 2012 6:39pm

<b>REVIEW | </b>By Dale Burrows For The Weekly Herald

Those Little Sisters of Hoboken are back at it again, fresher and funnier than ever.

Remember the sense and nonsense of “Nunsense”?

Four of 52 nuns, unintentionally poisoned to death by Sister Julia, Child of God’s vichyssoise, are laid out in the convent’s kitchen freezer. The Health Inspector is due. The Little Sisters are broke. “Nunsense” is the variety show they are putting on to bury the dead nuns.

The script is solid; the comedy, rich; the songs, first rate; and the troupes that do it always get something out of it – but none more so than Rogue Theatrics here, none that I’ve seen.

L. Sam Samano’s directing covers all the bases. The live, four-piece orchestra enhances. The look approaches Broadway. The pace is brisk. The touch is human. The feel is real. I am still laughing.

Marvel at Annie Leigh Peck’s poise in ballet slippers. Peck can dance, sing and do stand-up. Her Sister Mary Leo is stand-out show biz.

See Nancy McIntosh mix muddleheaded authority figure and ex-starstruck circus performer into a scrumptious Sister Mary Regina delight.

Don’t miss the hubris in Tambre Massman’s Sister Mary Hubert.

Erin Mar-De Wise’s Sister Robert Anne puts the wise in the wisecracks as the street kid from Brooklyn turned nun.

And the sad and funny heart of a clown makes Jennifer Noel Klouse’s Sister Mary Amnesia unforgettable.

Rogue Theatrics is new to the local theater scene. I say welcome them. If this “Nunsense” is an indication, the horizon ahead looks brighter.

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WHEN: Through Aug. 19

WHERE: Historic Everett Theatre, 2911 Colby Ave., Everett

TICKETS: $19.50 adults, $16.50 for students/seniors/military, and $11.50 youth under 12. Call 425-258-6766 or go to