Prospects look good for three write-in candidates to qualify for ballot

  • By Evan Smith, Herald writer
  • Monday, August 20, 2012 11:52am

Three Republicans running write-in campaigns against unopposed Democratic incumbents appear to be on their way to qualifying for the November general election ballot, Snohomish County Elections Director Garth Fell said Friday.

The three are Kevin Morrison, a registered write-in candidate against 21st District state Rep. Marko Liias; Sharon Hanek, a registered write-in candidate against state Treasurer Jim McIntire; and Mark Davies, an unregistered write-in candidate against 1st District state Rep. Luis Moscoso.

A write-in candidate could qualify for the November ballot by finishing second in the primary with at least 1 percent of the primary vote.

Registered write-in candidates have their votes counted even with minor misspellings. Write-in candidates register by paying the same fee that candidates pay to get a place on the ballot.

As of Friday, Liias had 94.13 percent of the votes counted for his position, with 5.87 percent for write-ins. Fell said that a scan of the ballots indicates that Morrison has enough of the write-in votes to get the needed 1 percent to qualify for the November ballot.

Snohomish County ballots showed that 7.04 percent of votes for state treasurer were write-ins, as were 4.17 percent of King County votes. Fell said that he expected Hanek to get enough votes from around the state to finish with the needed 1 percent to qualify for the general-election ballot.

Votes for Moscoso in the Snohomish County part of the 1st Legislative District were 93.13 percent, with 6.87 percent for write-ins. In the King County part of the district, 4.17 percent were for write-ins. Fell said that state officials would count votes as long as voters properly spell Davies’ name, without regard to party preference.

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