Safety Watch

  • Tue Aug 17th, 2010 8:16pm

Fire in Perrinville

EDMONDS — An abandoned residence close to Seaview Park in the Perrinville area caught fire Aug. 11.

When firefighters arrived at the building, they encountered heavy fire. Damage is estimated at $60,000.

There were no injuries associated with the fire.

The alarm call came in to Fire District 1 at 7:35 p.m. The Lynnwood Fire Department assisted FD1 with the call. In total four engine companies, one truck company and two medic units responded to the call involving 25 firefighters.

The source and cause of the blaze is under investigation.

MLT police seek help with hit-and-run

A pedestrian was struck by a hit-and-run driver while walking his dog along the south side of 238th Street Southwest at 54th Avenue Southwest a little before 10 p.m. July 13 in Mountlake Terrace.

The Mountlake Terrace Police Department is asking for the public’s help in identifying the vehicle and driver.

The victim’s daughter witnessed the accident.

The man was struck from behind by a dark full-size van which could be either a Chevrolet Express or GMC Savana with a model year of 1996 to 2000 and a missing passenger’s side mirror. There may be damage to the mirror housing or body of the vehicle on the front passenger’s side.


Aug. 13: Theft 3. 8900 block of 240th St. SW. A GPS was taken from an unlocked vehicle.

Aug. 13: Suspicious Circumstances. 21100 block of Shell Valley Rd. Someone attempted to pry open the front door of an occupied residence.

Aug. 13: Malicious Mischief. 800 block of 15th St. SW. Skateboarders damaged cemetery flyers and scratched up a walkway.

Aug. 14: Assault 3. 100 block of Sunset Ave. Officers arrested someone for assaulting an officer by kicking him in the knee.

Aug. 11: Theft 3. 8400 block of 244th St. SW. Food theft leads to the recovery of a stolen credit card.

Aug. 11: Burglary. 700 block of Vista Pl. A theft from a vehicle leads to a residential burglary.

Aug. 7: Sex Offense. 70 block of Main St. Officers were called to assist Washington State Patrol in the case of a disorderly male who was eventually arrested for unlawful public exposure.

Aug. 8: Arson. 18400 block of 79th Pl. W. A vacant house burned; it is unknown how the fire started.

Aug. 11: Suspicious Circumstances. 6600 block of 170th Pl. SW. Someone called 911 to say that his house was being burglarized. Officers arrived and found that the subject was hallucinating.

Aug. 11: Information. 7400 block of 229th St. SW. A woman reported possible identity theft of her 8-year-old son.

Aug. 10: Malicious Mischief. 9500 block of Bowdoin Way. Graffiti was spray painted on Yost Park Pool buildings.

Aug. 9: Assault 4. 21000 block of 74th Ave W. A boyfriend and girlfriend were arguing over visitation rights of their 2-year-old child. During the argument, the female allegedly threw the child onto the floor.


Aug. 17: Accident. 3000 184th St. SW. Hit and run accident.

Aug. 15: Accident. 18900 29th Ave. W. Hit and run accident. The victim was able to obtain the license plate number of the driver who fled.

Aug. 15: Theft. 18700 block Alderwood Mall Pkwy. A teenager was arrested for shoplifting shoes and perfume. She also had paraphernalia on her.

Aug. 12: NOISE COMPLAINT/WARRANT SERVICE. 23400 block 39th Pl. W. Officers were dispatched to a noise complaint. Investigation resulted in the arrest of two men, both for outstanding warrants. They were transported and booked into jail.

Aug. 12: Accident. 3000 block 184th St. SW. Hit and run accident; no suspect information.

Aug. 11: Narcotics. 19300 block 44th Ave. W. A woman brought narcotics into the jail. Narcotics were found and she was charged accordingly.

Aug. 11: theft. 3800 block 180th P. SW. Theft. Two men were arrested for theft.

Aug. 11: Burglary. 21000 48th Ave. W. Watches, computers, lap tops, iPad, camera, camcorder, purse, wallets, backpacks and diamonds were stolen from a home.

Aug. 11: Theft. 4600 bock 196th St. SW. A woman was cited on a shoplifting offense.

Aug. 11: Fraud. 19100 Hwy. 99. A woman was suspected of fraud against a local warehouse store.

Aug. 11: Theft. 6500 block 208th St. SW. A juvenile female was referred on theft charges of two ladies purses.

Aug. 11: theft. 6500 block 196th St. SW. A generator was stolen off the back of a pick up; it had been locked down with cable.


The Mill Creek police blotter can be found at


Aug. 14: Domestic Violence—No Assault. 24200 block of 58th Pl W. Two sisters engaged in a verbal argument when one of the women tried to take an outside thermometer which her sister believed was hers.

Aug 14: Domestic Violence—No Assault. 22000 block of 66th Ave W. A man returned home from a casino with his brother and accused his brother of breaking his concentration by paging him during a game of Texas Hold ’Em.

Aug 14: Domestic Violence—No Assault. 4200 block of 236th St. SW. A husband and wife were engaged in a verbal argument which disturbed neighbors. Both parties denied physical assault.

Aug. 13: Domestic Violence. 6000 block of Saint Albian Way. A woman said her boyfriend hit her and tackled her “like a football player.” He left on foot and the female refused to identify him or give a physical description of him, although she did say that he has hit her before. Police officers obtained a key from her apartment manager to check on her, but no one was home.

Aug. 16: Misdemeanor. 23500 block of Lakeview Dr. A car in the parking lot was occupied by four females. When the officer approached, he smelled a fresh marijuana scent coming from the vehicle. They denied knowledge of drugs in the car and gave consent to be searched. The officer found flaky “green vegetable matter” which was not an amount sufficient enough to be used, as well as a joint. The females denied ownership of the joint.

Aug. 14: Malicious Mischief. 21800 block of 51st Ave W. A woman said that her ex-husband hit her truck window with a stick after jumping on the hood of the vehicle. The woman appeared to be under the influence of narcotics. She had been living with her ex-husband and his new girlfriend. The ex-husband admitted to hitting the windshield and also appeared to be under the influence.

Aug. 16: Traffic. 6600 block of 220th St. SW. Officer noticed that the registered owner of a vehicle had a suspended license. When he approached the car, the woman inside gave a false driver’s license and identified herself under a pseudonym. When asked what color her eyes were, the woman said, “Hazel. Blue.” The officer asked, “Which one?” and she replied, “Both.” The officer walked back to his car and then turned around to the woman and called out her real name. She replied, “Yes?” and then realized her mistake and reluctantly gave up her identity.