• Tue Mar 16th, 2010 8:06pm

By Jackson Holtz For the Enterprise

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Man’s apparent wrath turns destructive in Mountlake Terrace

MOUNTLAKE TERRACE — A Mountlake Terrace apartment complex parking lot turned into a wrecking yard March 8 when a man in a rage smashed his pickup into four cars, police said.

He destroyed his truck and two cars and caused damage to two more vehicles, Mountlake Terrace police Sgt. Doug Hansen said.

The man, 32, reportedly was upset about a fight he’d had with his girlfriend, Hansen said.

He was injured during the incident and was taken to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. The man is expected to recover.

The sound of spinning tires was heard just before 10 p.m. at the Terrace Heights Apartments in the 21500 block of 48th Avenue West, Hansen said.

Police believe the man was able to generate considerable speed to cause the amount of damage. No skid marks were found.

The man likely will have to face more than angry neighbors when he’s released from the hospital.

“I’m sure there will be some consequences,” Hansen said.

Detectives are investigating the man for first-degree malicious mischief.


March 12: Theft. 8100 block Lake Ballinger Way. Patrons didn’t pay their tab after dining at Scotts Bar &Grill.

March 11: Theft. 21000 block 72nd Ave. W. Prescription forms were stolen by a former employee.

March 11: Forgery. 7300 block 216th St. SW. A female passed a forged prescription that she stole from her former employer at Hadfield’s pharmacy.

March 11: Malicious mischief. 8300 block 212th St. SW. Vehicle tires were slashed.

March 11: Weapon. 7700 block 202nd Pl. SW. Male suspect in a domestic violence dispute fled the house and attempted to elude police officers. Upon contact, officers found the male was a convicted felon and in possession of a rifle.

March 11: Theft. 7700 block 202nd Pl. SW. Male victim learned his ex-girlfriend pawned jewelry she stole from his house.

March 11: Burglary. 21100 block 76th Ave. W. An unknown suspect broke into a locked refrigerator at Romeo’s Pizzeria and stole a case of steaks, frying pans and used tires and rims.

March 10: Assault 4. 24200 block 104th Pl. W. A dispute between a male and female resulted in a female breaking a lamp and kicking the male.

March 10: Trespass. 7300 block 224th St. SW. An adult male was issued a criminal trespass citation after he was seen trying to open car doors at the Mill Park Condos.


MARCH 13: BUGLARY. 3800 block Maple Rd. Xbox 360 pro, 2 wireless controllers and game were stolen from a home.

MARCH 13: BUGLARY. 3800 block 180th Pl. W. Attempted residential burglary.

MARCH 13: THEFT. 18600 block 33rd Ave. W. 16-year-old male was arrested for shoplifting.

MARCH 13: THEFT. 3000 block 184th St. SW. Male was arrested for shoplifting, then booked and released.

MARCH 12: BURGLARY. 6000 block Dale Way. A computer was stolen from a home.

MARCH 12: THEFT. 18600 block 33rd Ave. W. Male arrested for shoplifting. Booked and released.

MARCH 12: THEFT. 18600 block 33rd Ave. W. Adult female cited for shoplifting from a mall retailer.

MARCH 12: THEFT. 18600 block 33rd Ave. W. Three males were suspected fo shoplifting beer.

MARCH 12: WEAPON. 5500 block 168th St. SW. Adult male cited and booked on a discharge of firearm charge.

MARCH 11: NARCOTICS. 20700 block Hwy. 99. One adult female was charged for prescription forgery and one adult male was charged with a felony narcotics violation.

MARCH 11: THEFT. 17400 block Hwy. 99. Report of stolen items from a building that were pawned by a known subject.

MARCH 11: MALICIOUS MISCHIEF. 2200 block 196th St. SW. Vehicles were spray painted at a dealership.

MARCH 10: THEFT. 3900 block 196th St. SW. Theft of a catalytic converter from a vehicle.

MARCH 9: SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES. 23700 block 29 Ave. W. 19-year-old female from Brier reported she heard a loud crashing noise outside her residence. She looked out and observed a male subject wearing a hooded shirt approaching her residence. The neighbor then turned on an outside light and the subject walked to the street meeting up with another subject wearing a hooded shirt. She checked her premises and found no damage. Officers could not find subjects.


March 14: Theft from auto. 13500 block North Creek Drive. A car stereo, valued at $100, was stolen.

March 14: Theft from auto. 800 block 164th Ave. A Kirkland woman reported her purse was stolen from her vehicle while parked in The Jet Bar &Grill parking lot. The purse contained $300 cash and prescription Adderall and Oxycodone.

March 14: DV verbal. 1200 Mill Creek Blvd. Officers responded to a report of a verbal domestic dispute.

March 13: Robbery. 13300 block Bothell-Everett Hwy. A suspect attempted to steal $300 worth of groceries.

March 13: Theft. 15600 block Main St. Suspect stole a wicker gift basket valued at $8.

March 13: Property damage. 14700 block Main St. A vending machine was damaged. Damages totaled $7,000.

March 12: Theft. 13800 block North Creek Dr. Male victim reported his camera and equipment, valued at more than $2,100, were stolen.

March 12: Harassment. 13500 block North Creek Dr. Officers responded to a harassment report at the Heatherwood Apartments.

March 11: DUI. 2600 block Seattle Hill Rd. Officers believed drugs and speeding caused a single vehicle roll over collision.

March 11: Burglary. 13900 block 33rd Ave. Officers responded to a burglary report.

March 9: Domestic violence verbal. 13500 block North Creek Dr. Officers responded to a verbal domestic dispute.

March 9: Burglary. 1900 block Seattle Hill Rd. The Lively Environmental Center reported a burglary and the mass killing of 15,000 to 19,000 Coho salmon in the fry stage.

March 9: Theft. 1300 block Mill Creek Blvd. The tires and wheels were stolen from a woman’s vehicle.

March 8: Accident. 15600 block Country Club Dr. A juvenile attempted to move a friend’s vehicle in a parking lot, but ended up placing the vehicle on the hood of another parked car.


March 14: DUI. 212th Street SW/44th Avenue W. Officers pulled over the driver of a blue Corvette after he failed to stop and signal while speeding out of the 44th Market parking lot. The driver had a white ring around his lips and appeared to be foaming at the mouth as a result of taking antacids which police believed were used to cover the smell of alcohol.

March 13: Malicious mischief. 22000 block 52nd Ave. W. Racial slurs were spray painted along the walls at MLT Elementary.

March 13: Assist to fire department. 21600 block 78th Ave. W. Officers were sent to Edmonds in response to a possible heroin overdose. The unconscious female was revived with a shot to counteract the drug and sent to Stevens Hospital.

March 12: Assist fire department. 22800 block 102nd Pl. W. Officers were dispatched to Edmonds where a female claimed a male was attacking her. The male claimed the female has Alzheimer’s and she began kicking him when he prevented her from wandering off.