SOUTH COUNTY POLITICS: More on choosing legislators

  • Tue Oct 12th, 2010 8:00pm

By Evan Smith Enterprise political writer

I’ve asked candidates to tell what qualities voters should look for in choosing candidates for the Legislature.

Here are answers from 44th District Democratic state Rep. Hans Dunshee and Republican challenger Bob McCaughan.


“The past few years have been too hard for too many: too many dreams dashed, retirements upended and businesses shuttered — those that weren’t ‘too big to fail.’ We need to right these wrongs, and to make sure they can never happen again.

“I am determined to continue to make government work for our middle- and working-class families. We need to focus on creating jobs and opportunities through quality education, common-sense energy policies and government accountability.“


“Integrity and honesty are the important factors in a good legislator. Citizens should look at whether the legislator will innovate, listen, trust and represent citizen’s interests rather than special interests, or personal agendas/enrichment.

“Legislators must test all legislation against citizen interests and protect essential services. Keep as much money as possible in the private sector to create jobs, increase revenues through business friendly legislation, curb government spending by balancing the budget and not pass increasing debts on to future generations.”

Here are answers from the candidates for 1st District State House Position 2, Democrat Luis Moscoso and Republican Heidi Munson.


“I believe voters want to choose candidates who say things that ‘feel’ right, not just sound right. Voters should look for someone who has had significant life experiences. The candidate should have the wisdom and judgment to make hard choices to protect our families, the community and the state. I have worked on real issues in this district for over 34 years. I am committed to the working families of this community and look forward to serving them in Olympia.”


“The MOST important factor in choosing a legislator is trust. A candidate’s resumé doesn’t matter if they are not trustworthy.

“The second most important factor in choosing a legislator in times like these is that she have an understanding of economics, since the economy factors in nearly everything a legislator does.

“If a legislator does not understand how the economy actually works, their decisions can create problems that last a long time and cause pain to their constituents.”

Here’s an answer from 21st District Democratic state Rep. Mary Helen Roberts. Republican challenger Ed Borey has not responded to numerous requests over the last three weeks.


“In challenging times, it’s important to elect leaders who understand our concerns and will fight for our priorities. When issues come before me in Olympia, I weigh their impact on the people living in my District. I’m working to reform state government while targeting every tax dollar to assure quality education, preserve essential services and protect our most vulnerable. I’m honored to be supported by firefighters, law enforcement and environmentalists; by children’s advocates, workers and families throughout our community.”

Ballots, voters’ pamphlets mailed this week

Your general-election ballots and voters’ pamphlets will arrive soon.

Snohomish County officials will mail ballots tomorrow, Thursday, Oct. 14.

Voters’ pamphlets were mailed Monday through Wednesday.

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