Train rally draws a crowd

  • Herald staff
  • Wednesday, July 11, 2012 5:48pm

EDMONDS — More than 100 people gathered July 11 at Brackett’s Landing South to draw attention to increased train traffic traveling through the city.

Several in the crowd held signs against the proposed coal terminal project near Bellingham, which would add up to 18 coal trains passing through Edmonds every day en route to Whatcom County.

Coupled with projections that the city will see up to 100 trains of all kinds traveling through Edmonds by 2030, the coal trains are a concern when it comes to ferry traffic and public safety, Mayor Dave Earling said earlier this week.

“We are the only city that has the at-grade crossing railroad that interferes with the state ferry system,” Earling said. “Every other city that has a port for the ferry does not have train conflict, because they have an overpass or because they have an underpass.”