Vintage-era comedy at Historic Everett Theatre

  • Tue May 4th, 2010 9:42pm

Enterprise staff

Red Curtain Productions presents “Enter Laughing,” a vintage-era comedy based on a semi-autobiographical book by funnyman Carl Reiner, at the Historic Everett Theatre.

Set in the early days of the Depression, “Enter Laughing” follows the adventures of David Kolowitz (Skyler Haines), a frustrated delivery boy in a sewing machine factory. His overly protective parents insist he should become a druggist, dependable and ordinary, but David decides his future is on the stage.

The young man pursues his dream and auditions for a play directed by a seedy old actor (Michael McFadden) and his femme fatale daughter, Angela (Chrissy Kayata). It’s evident that young David has no acting experience when he reads the stage direction — “Enter laughing” — as if it was dialogue. The down-on-its-luck company makes him pay to act.

But acting is not David’s only passion, which creates romantic complication involving his girlfriend Wanda (Raquel Matlin), a sexy secretary (Nicole Chamberlin) and his leading lady.

Local stage veterans Asa Sholdez and John Klise add their considerable talents to the production, which is led by first-time director Davine Sholdez.

“We had the privilege of rehearsing at Washington Oakes Retirement Community,” Sholdez said in a press release, “and the cast enjoyed speaking with the residents. To thank them for their hospitality, and as a research opportunity, we hosted a tea party that was attended by more than 85 of the residents. They were able to help us keep our show’s 1938 setting authentic.”