Catherine Bongiorno

If you’re trying to lose weight, whatever you do, don’t starve yourself. The guideline is to lose no more than 1 pound per week — and even less if you are within 15 pounds of your target weight. (Getty Images)

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If your fridge and pantry are filled with junk food, toss it

Clean eating is an absolute must if you are going to lose weight and keep it off.

Recapping a year’s worth of exercise and fitness tirades

Keep working out. Our bodies are not designed to sit around all day.

Recapping a year’s worth of diet and fitness advice

Those who refuse to learn from their fitness past are doomed to get fat.

Dance — and work out — like nobody’s watching

Don’t let your anxiety about what other people think of your appearance stop you.

To lose weight and get fit, you gotta believe

In order to convince your mind of success, you need to let it FEEL success.

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Whatever you do, don’t starve yourself or exercise too much in an attempt to lose weight.

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Do you find exercise boring? Give circuit training a spin

With it’s mix of strength training and aerobics at a fast tempo, you’re too busy to be bored.

Fitness on a budget: Exercise doesn’t have to be expensive

You can build a home exercise studio for less than a year’s membership to the gym.

You can learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable

Make small changes to build up your confidence in handling a major change when it comes your way.

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