Catherine Bongiorno

Addicted to stepping on the scale? Ditch that bleeping thing

There are other — more accurate — ways to track your weight loss than repeatedly weighing yourself.


Do you find exercise boring? Give circuit training a spin

With it’s mix of strength training and aerobics at a fast tempo, you’re too busy to be bored.


Fitness on a budget: Exercise doesn’t have to be expensive

You can build a home exercise studio for less than a year’s membership to the gym.


You can learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable

Make small changes to build up your confidence in handling a major change when it comes your way.

Here’s why clean eating is a must if you want to lose weight

It’s true that you can’t out train a bad diet. Catherine Bongiorno is living proof.

When to share the skinny and when to shut up about weight loss

Here’s how to succeed in your health endeavors without driving those around you utterly batty.

Indulge during the holidays, but do it with a plan

You don’t have to deprive yourself, just don’t forget to plan for exercise and healthy eating.

Fed up with flab? You should consider strength training

Diets and aerobics have their benefits, but lifting weights rebuilds your muscles.

Outdoor setting makes fitness even more fun

Hear the birds! Breathe that fresh air! Enjoy those steep hills!

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