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Trying to claim deceitful deductions could get you put in the doghouse

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Read how the rich think if you want to live well and prosper

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Parents take a risk when they co-sign for student loans

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With family money squabbles, sometimes all you can do is watch

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Finanacially irresponsible sister causes family stress

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How to manage your finances amid an unpredictable administration

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Do we need a rule to ensure ethical financial advice?

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Even if you’re dying to get your tax refund, don’t pay for an advance

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Stop basing your financial decisions on ‘alternative facts’

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Our children need to see — for real — how much money it takes to live

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You need to save tax documents for three years — or longer

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How (and when) to clear out your financial paperwork

The other day, I sat on the couch in my home office and read a book. A few weeks ago, I couldn’t find a place… Continue reading

Most of us have too many paper records stashed away

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If you’re deep in credit mess, don’t be afraid to clear clutter

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The past year has taught us big lessons about our finances

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Changing the conversation on your year-end financial checklist

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Those who buy crummy gifts are often sending a message

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