Paul Schoenfeld

Are you feeling foggy this fall? You might be experiencing SAD

It’s estimated that 33 million Americans have symptoms of seasonal affective disorder in the winter.

Reflections of a new member of the older generation

The challenge is to pass on some of my life lesson to the oldsters of the future.

Your student will be bringing home a progress report soon

Are Joey’s grades suffering? Here are a few things you can do to help.

Jewish New Year time to reflect on the person you want to be

As a way to start anew, it’s also customary to ask loved ones for forgiveness.

It takes a village to raise a child — and take care of the elderly

With the right support network, an older adult can be reborn in his or her final years. Like Dixie.

Don’t do these four things when sending kids off to college

Here are some back-to-school pointers for parents of freshmen going off to university.

Don’t wait — talk about end of life when you’re young and healthy

Simply designating a health-care proxy is not enough — a discussion is just as important.

Reconnect with your partner with little acts of kindness

Over time, couples can take each other for granted. Here’s how to help rekindle feelings of love.

Grandparenting 101: Important lessons for new grandparents

You can play a vital role in the lives of your grandkids while providing support to your children.

Are you overweight? Childhood trauma affects our health as adults

What started as study on adult obesity uncovered a link to 10 adverse experiences in childhood.

If you’re looking for inspiration, watch 2013 film ‘One Chance’

The British-American biopic is about opera singer and “Britain’s Got Talent” winner Paul Potts.

How to keep your peace, even when you’re not on vacation

Here are some strageties for staying relaxed when you’re on the hamster wheel that is modern life.

Kids may get a break from school, but parenting is a 24/7 job

Here are some tips to help keep Mom and Dad on top of things over summer vacation.

Understanding suicide: We can’t see how depressed someone feels

Here’s what family and friends can do to help if they suspect their loved one is suicidal.

Studies: Psychedelic drugs could treat anxiety and depression

This research — still in preliminary stages — starts where scientists in the 1960s and ’70s left off.

Teenagers are coming of age at a time when optimism is waning

With school shootings, global warming and political divisiveness, teens worry about growing up.

Find joy and meaning while at work — even when it’s challenging

After the Great Recession, many of us are working harder and longer hours. It makes us disengage.

Winning and losing: When is praise positive or negative?

Which behaviors should parents encourage — effort, performance, attitude or team spirit?

Rise in anxiety and depression correlates to social disruption

Rise in anxiety and depression correlates to social disruption

Our mental health issues are tied to loss of meaningful work, social support and financial security.

Rise in anxiety and depression correlates to social disruption

Everyday courage: Find it when you leave your comfort zone

New experiences expand our horizons, build new skills and strengthen weak muscles.