Rick Steves

Stockholm’s delightful, diverse day trips

From royal palaces to a sculptor’s garden, the area around the city has something for every traveler.


A short walk in Dublin takes you through Ireland’s long history

A walk through the heart of north Dublin recalls the nation’s long fight for independence.


A citadel of many cultures in the middle of the Mediterranean

Malta’s history of foreign rulers makes it a fascinating place to explore today.


Falling in love with European rail passes all over again

Sweeping changes have made them more affordable and less confusing to buy.

Venetian crafts — like masks, glass and lace — have deep roots

Venice has preserved essential aspects of its history and culture by maintaining its craft traditions.

Academic adventures: Visiting Europe’s top university sights

See ancient autopsy rooms, glimmering Gothic chapels and medieval manuscripts.

Scotland’s Orkney Islands: Remote rewards far from the crowds

On a recent trip to Great Britain, I decided at the last minute to snip two days off from my time in London and go… Continue reading

Open doors to the past: Visiting Europe’s time-warp homes

See a perfectly preserved 1930s middle-class house in Scotland, a Sicilian aristocrat’s ancient palace, and more.

Explore port wine in Portugal’s Douro Valley

An endearing slice of Portugal is the Douro River Valley, the winding, terraced region that produces the country’s beloved port wine. This is Portugal’s answer… Continue reading

Checking out of Prague and into the Czech countryside

You’ll see traditional towns, a friendly countryside and intriguing history.

The best places for kidding around in Europe

Seek out experiences that are both culturally enriching and just a downright good time

Tivoli: Still Rome’s great escape after 2,000 years

The Italian hill town is famous for Roman emperor Hadrian’s villa and a 16th-century cardinal’s estate.

Europe’s crazy rich royals and their lavish retreats

The palaces provide insight into the often-nutty monarchs who once ruled Europe.

Bratislava: Slovakia’s capital makes a remarkable comeback

A ghost town during the communist era, the central Europe city now hums with youthful energy.

Hot times visiting Iceland’s geothermal sights

Iceland, formed long ago by volcanoes, is known for its otherworldly landscape, with steaming fields and percolating mud. The volcanic activity produces naturally heated water,… Continue reading

Get swept up in Spain’s tasty and convivial tapas tradition

You’ll be rewarded with bite-size punches of flavor and locals’ unrelenting energy.

A Trip to Utah: Visiting the other American D-Day beach

This is a place where the image of the U.S. as a force for good remains largely untarnished.

How to make the most of your European road trip

Cars aren’t necessary in Europe, but they are handy if you wish to explore small towns.

Lake Bled: Exploring Slovenia’s romantic alpine retreat

Emperors and communist dictators alike have enjoyed vacations on the pretty lake.

Belgium’s culinary highlights: Chocolate, beer and waffles

Another specialty is mussels served with another Belgian favorite: frieten (French fries).