Rick Steves

Rick Steves’ 4 favorite easy, rewarding day trips from Paris

The City of Light can be intense, so these countryside destinations provide a relaxing change of pace.


Rick Steves feels the pulse of thriving, cultured Madrid

When it comes to the secrets of living well, the Spanish city’s inhabitants seem to have cracked the code.


Rick Steves samples the tasty complexity of Sicilian cuisine.

Food can be a religious experience at this crossroads of Mediterranean and North African cultures.


Rick Steves on the raw beauty of Iceland’s fire and ice

From volcano chamber explorations to geothermal pool plunges, Iceland offers adventures like no other place.

Rick Steves on Pompeii, Italy’s frozen-in-time Roman city

The volcanic ash that destroyed the city also ensured its remarkable preservation, down to the folds on victims’ togas.

Rick Steves on foraging Europe’s markets for the perfect picnic

Your tummy will be full of delicious food and your mind will be stuffed with tasty memories.

While stuck at home, Rick Steves reminiscences about Europe

Edmonds’ travel guru reflects on his favorite memories of experiencing Europe’s living traditions.

Rick Steves on Bristol, England’s sassy port city

While you’ll still see bankers, you’ll also likely see old hippies, college students, hordes of cyclists and vegan restaurants.

Rick Steves on visiting the great libraries of Europe

They’re a wonderful way to engage more deeply with the continent and its history.

Rick Steves on how to be a tourist in London on the cheap

If you do your homework, you can take advantage of London’s many freebies and bargains.

Rick Steves on Avignon, a medieval town with a youthful attitude

Once a 14th-century papal capital, the town today is full of vibrant cafes and shops.

Rick Steves on staying connected when you’re traveling in Europe

These days, traveling with a smartphone or tablet makes it easier than ever to keep in touch.

Rick Steves chooses leisurely Lucca for a true Italian experience

A leisurely evening stroll along the ancient town’s walls is one of the best travel experiences.

Why Rick Steves fell in love with the iconic Matterhorn

If it’s the least bit sunny, do not delay — get up the mountain, because clouds can roll in anytime.

Rick Steves’ guide to the pilgrimage sites of Europe

Throughout the continent, regardless of your religion, there are pilgrimages you can take to feel the spirit.

Rick Steves on what’s new for travelers in Ireland for 2020

The travel guru expects a visit to the island to be just as easy, and probably even more interesting.

Rick Steves on what’s new for travelers in Great Britain

Many travelers are curious about how Brexit is affecting tourists — from his experience, it isn’t.

Rick Steves on what’s new for travelers in Rome and Naples

When it comes to navigating the popular and crowded sights, enjoying Italy requires some planning ahead.

Rick Steves on what’s new for travelers in Northern Italy for 2020

For any vacationer, time is money — and you’ll get more value from your sightseeing time by planning.

France’s great cathedrals, by design, have survived centuries

When traveling in France, check out the towering Gothic cathedrals that mark the centers of many towns.