Rick Steves

France’s great cathedrals, by design, have survived centuries

When traveling in France, check out the towering Gothic cathedrals that mark the centers of many towns.

Once strife-ridden, Belfast blooms with heritage, resilience

The Northern Ireland city has had a troubled history, which makes it an even more fascinating destination.

Rick Steves on celebrating a happy Christmas in England

Many classic trappings, from caroling to mince pie and wassail, have long been part of English tradition.

Rick Steves on defending yourself against travel swindles

Nearly all crimes suffered by tourists are nonviolent and, if you follow these tips, avoidable.

Beyond the Beaches: Art in the French Riviera

Thanks to these diverse museums, the Riviera has a cultural richness that’s not typical of resort areas.

Finding peace in Europe’s overlooked sights

Huge crowds don’t always gravitate to the most enjoyable locations.

How to avoid madding crowds in Italy’s lovely Cinque Terre

The keys include visiting during off-peak season and skipping the towns at midday.

The Danube’s Big Three: Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest

Thanks to their proximity, combining all three into one trip is a breeze.

Tranquil Tomar: Take a break from Portugal’s tourist tumult

A quaint town of about 20,000 residents, set under a historic fortress, it’s well worth a stop.

At cemeteries and crypts, Europe’s dead speak to the living

Visit them and discover that long after death, the bones and memorials still have something to say.

Under the Tuscan fork: A culinary journey to Florence

The iconic city offers a wide array of delicacies beyond the usual Italian pizza and pasta fare.

Savoring the hospitality of beguiling Normandy

The charming corner of France is known for its green rolling hills, tall cathedral spires and thatched-roof cottages.

Hit the links, books and beach at Scotland’s St. Andrews

Any visitor to Scotland should consider at least a short stop in this scenic, intriguingly historic university town.

Taking steps to see Europe from a fresh perspective — literally

Perhaps the most memorable of climbs is just 28 stairs — on your knees — up Rome’s Scala Santa.

Stockholm’s delightful, diverse day trips

From royal palaces to a sculptor’s garden, the area around the city has something for every traveler.

A short walk in Dublin takes you through Ireland’s long history

A walk through the heart of north Dublin recalls the nation’s long fight for independence.

A citadel of many cultures in the middle of the Mediterranean

Malta’s history of foreign rulers makes it a fascinating place to explore today.

Falling in love with European rail passes all over again

Sweeping changes have made them more affordable and less confusing to buy.

Venetian crafts — like masks, glass and lace — have deep roots

Venice has preserved essential aspects of its history and culture by maintaining its craft traditions.