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Get swept up in Spain’s tasty and convivial tapas tradition

You’ll be rewarded with bite-size punches of flavor and locals’ unrelenting energy.

A Trip to Utah: Visiting the other American D-Day beach

This is a place where the image of the U.S. as a force for good remains largely untarnished.

How to make the most of your European road trip

Cars aren’t necessary in Europe, but they are handy if you wish to explore small towns.

Lake Bled: Exploring Slovenia’s romantic alpine retreat

Emperors and communist dictators alike have enjoyed vacations on the pretty lake.

Belgium’s culinary highlights: Chocolate, beer and waffles

Another specialty is mussels served with another Belgian favorite: frieten (French fries).

Historic hits in Milan, Italy’s most mod city

While many tourists come to Italy only for the past, those who make time for Milan find that this powerful, no-nonsense city is a delightful… Continue reading

Tranquil towns snuggle on the Franco-Spanish border

Both Collioure, in France, and Cadaques, in Spain, are off the grid when it comes to glitzy resorts.

Discovering Sicily’s rich stew of history and culture in its architecture

Exploring ceturies old buldings bring the cities rich history alive

My favorite things about Vienna: music, pastries, art

The city’s devotion to the musical arts and its democratic embrace of culture are inspirational.

Sevilla’s April Fair: Spain’s sparkling spring spectacle

People parade around in their peacock finery, and springtime flirtations fill the air.

Glasgow surprises with art, design and culture

The Scottish city is no longer gritty and rundown, but retains its unpretentious friendliness.

Lighten up your souvenir shopping in Europe

Wherever you go, do your shopping in places that offer a fun cultural experience.

Lyon, France’s culinary capital, is off the tourist path

It’s an elegant French city with no trace whatsoever of crass tourism.

Peeling back layers of Portuguese history in Evora

See Roman ruins, a 12th-century cathedral and a macabre chapel of bones.

Experiencing Italy’s Renaissance, a cultural explosion

Before that time, most art in Europe was made to serve the church.

What’s new in Eastern Europe travel for 2019

The steady improvement in Eastern Europe’s sightseeing scene is exciting news for travelers.

What’s new in Germany and the Low Countries for 2019

There’s good news — and a few important warnings — for the well-informed traveler.

What’s new for travelers in France in 2019

Equipping yourself with good information — and using it — will save you time and money.

What’s new for travelers in Spain and Portugal for 2019

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Choosing between intellectual rivals: Oxford vs. Cambridge

Both venerable college towns are charming to visit, but Oxford gets the slight edge.