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Make Sorrento your base for exploring Italy’s Amalfi Coast

Serene Sorrento, wedged on a ledge under the mountains and over the sea, is a great springboard for sightseeing along Italy’s Amalfi Coast. Just an… Continue reading

Planes, trains, and automobiles: How to get around Europe

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Exploring England’s mythic market towns of Glastonbury, Wells

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Romania’s countryside: The land that time forgot

Romania is full of surprises and wonderful people. And as you leave the capital of Bucharest, it gets even better. In the countryside, the history… Continue reading

Views from top of Eiffel Tower worth braving the crowds

Going up the Eiffel Tower is one of the great travel thrills in Europe. Sure, it’s crowded and expensive, and there are probably better views… Continue reading

How to find the back doors in today’s Europe

A fundamental part of enjoying travel in Europe is finding places that I call “back doors.” When I first started traveling, back doors to me… Continue reading

Shopping in Europe: Memories count more than stuff

experiences and memories are the gold nuggets of travel. Shopping is never my priority,… Continue reading

Alsace blends the best of France and Germany

The French province of Alsace stands like a flower-child referee between Germany and France. Bounded by the Rhine River on the east and the Vosges… Continue reading

How travel pried open my hometown blinders

I’ll never forget my first trip to Europe. I was a gangly 14-year-old, dragged to the old country by a conspiracy of grandparents and parents… Continue reading

Alpine thrills in Europe are accessible to almost everybody

The Alps, Europe’s highest mountain range, arc from Vienna, Austria to Marseilles, France. They include stretches in eight countries, each with a unique taste of… Continue reading

The queen stays at Windsor — why not you?

almost a thousand years ago — and it’s still… Continue reading

At Siena’s Palio, 500 years of history happens in 90 seconds

In the gorgeously preserved Tuscan hill town of Siena, Italy, the Middle Ages seem to survive in the architecture and in the civic spirit. The… Continue reading

The American motorist’s guide to surviving a road trip in Europe

Horror stories about driving in Europe abound. They’re fun to tell, but driving is really only a problem for those who make it one. If… Continue reading

Chartres Cathedral: The age of faith in stone and stained glass

For a chance to experience the mystery of the medieval church through statues, glass and relics, France’s Chartres Cathedral, just an hour from Paris by… Continue reading

Travel back in time at the open-air museums of Europe

One of the great joys of European travel is to journey back in time thanks to its many open-air folk museums. You’ll find these sprawling… Continue reading

A dazzling day trip in Ireland’s capital city

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A beginners’ guide to Italy’s Tuscany region

Wedged between Florence and Rome, Tuscany offers the quintessential Italian experience: sun-soaked hill towns, green and rolling screensaver hills, romantically fortified farms and cypress trees… Continue reading

Car-free Hydra is a Greek island idyll

less than two hours south of Athens by ferry — offers the ideal Greek island experience, without a long journey… Continue reading

In France, savor a Burgundy blend of bikes and wine

Biking and wine tasting may not seem like natural partners when traveling through France. But if you like biking and wine, mixing the two can… Continue reading

Rick Steves’ tips for traveling in Europe with teenagers

Imagine being a teenager forced to spend your summer vacation with robo-tourist Rick Steves (aka “Dad”). My kids, Jackie and Andy, now in their 20s,… Continue reading