Rick Steves

A London evening offers something for just about everyone

London, one of the world’s busiest and biggest cities, bubbles with top-notch entertainment seven nights a week. It’s also ever-changing and expensive, so it can… Continue reading

Krakow: The heart and soul of Poland

Krakow is easily Poland’s most popular destination, located in the southern region of perhaps Europe’s most underappreciated country. It’s a charming, old-fashioned city buzzing with… Continue reading

Soaking it up — while naked, of course — in the best spas of Europe

With my intense travel schedule, I savor detours where I put away the schedule and notes and simply enjoy the moment. And for me, there’s… Continue reading

The art of journaling for travelers

When I travel, I make it a habit to collect only one thing: memories. The most treasured keepsake of any trip I take is the… Continue reading

Don’t let Ugly American syndrome ruin your Europe experience

I’m going to be brutally frank: Many Americans’ trips to Europe suffer because they’re treated like “ugly tourists.” But those who are treated like ugly… Continue reading

What’s new this year in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic

There’s plenty of news for 2017 in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic, including a big 500th anniversary and impressive new infrastructure, making travel here… Continue reading

What’s new for travelers in France and the Low Countries

One of Europe’s best organized regions for sightseeing, France and the Low Countries (Belgium and the Netherlands) are better than ever with new people-friendly zones,… Continue reading

What’s new in 2017 for travelers in Italy

with more culture, crowds and chaos per square kilometer than anywhere else in Europe — is most enjoyable when you’re up to date… Continue reading

What’s new in Spain and Portugal for travelers in 2017

Both Spain and Portugal have interesting stories to tell and interesting cultures to share. Here’s some travel news for those visiting in 2017. Neglected corners… Continue reading

Getting into New Year’s party spirit with everyday Cubans

I welcomed 2016 in Cuba, prowling Havana’s streets with my family. In one wild night, I made a new friend and was invited to a… Continue reading

After a millennium, stunning Mont St-Michel still inspires

For more than 1,000 years, the distant silhouette of Mont-St-Michel has sent pilgrims’ spirits soaring. Today, it does the same for tourists. This island abbey… Continue reading

Don’t miss bohemian back streets of Paris’ Montmartre district

Montmartre, the hilltop neighborhood hovering on the northern fringes of your Paris city map, is in many ways the perfect French cliche: checkered tablecloths, artist’s… Continue reading

Wales: Tiny corner of Britain packed with castles, charm

Humble, charming little Wales is a land of lusty men’s choirs, salty harbors, slate-roofed villages, stunning mountains and stout castles. In fact, Wales is slathered… Continue reading

Great artworks can teach us about people and their time

The “Mona Lisa,” the Colosseum, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Michelangelo’s “David” … Europe’s cultural treasures are some of the most beautiful and enduring objects humans have created.… Continue reading

The stories behind European art enrich the experience

The “Mona Lisa,” the Colosseum, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Michelangelo’s “David” … Europe’s cultural treasures are world-class, including some of the most beautiful and enduring objects humans… Continue reading

A walk through Ghent will leave you wanting to stay longer

about 30 minutes from Brussels and Bruges — oozes with cobbles and charm. But it’s also a… Continue reading

Best sunsets around the world — and close to home

Sunsets decorate my travel memories. They can be a vivid, romantic capper for a beautiful day on the road. I’ve seen a lot of sunsets… Continue reading

Escape the Venice crowds with these day trips to nearby towns

I love Venice, but when the crowds become unbearable, I make it a point to get out of the center and discover what the surrounding… Continue reading