GenF20 Plus Reviews: Legit HGH Booster Brand or Weak Supplement?

  • Thursday, June 30, 2022 2:10pm
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In this review, we will tell you everything you need to know about GenF20 Plus. GenF20 Plus is a nutritional supplement with a scientifically formulated blend of all-natural ingredients in a pharmaceutical-grade coating that claims to boost your body’s production of human growth hormones.

Maybe you’re feeling a little sluggish, and you’re looking for a supplement to give you a boost, or you’ve already got the fitness part of the equation figured out, but you’re looking for a supplement to take your workout to the next level.

We’ll give you detailed descriptions of the ingredients in GenF20 Plus and show you all the data we could find so you can decide whether GenF20 Plus is the right HGH supplement for your daily fitness regimen.

What Is HGH, And Why Do I Need It?

HGH stands for human growth hormone. While the human body produces many different hormones, HGH is one of the most important. If you’re into physical fitness or you’re looking for something new to add to your fitness routine, you’ve probably read about HGH on the internet or heard athletes talking about it on TV.

The human body starts producing human growth hormone at birth. Through all the different life stages, HGH comes from the pituitary gland. HGH plays an integral role in human physiology because it synthesizes protein and converts fat to energy. HGH also plays a crucial role in regulating other hormones.

The fact is, in just about any physiological process you can think of, the human growth hormone plays a role somewhere. HGH is a crucial component in growth spurts that sets in at early adolescence. This vital hormone is responsible for regulating our immune system and metabolism; it’s also an essential contributor to bone and muscle development.

HGH Production Decreases Over Time

But, as you’ve probably guessed by now, the body starts producing less human growth hormone as we age, although this process happens gradually as the years’ pass. As we age and our bodies produce less human growth hormone, metabolism slows down. From here, you know what happens next; we gain weight and become a little slower.

So it’s no surprise that scientists and health nuts over the last few years have been looking for a way to legally and naturally boost the body’s natural HGH production. There have been quite a few supplements over the years that claim to increase your body’s HGH production naturally, but today we’re going to review GenF20 Plus, one of the most popular HGH-boosting supplements.


What Is GenF20 Plus, And What Are The Benefits Of Taking It?

As one of the leaders in the HGH-boosting supplement space, a visit to the company website shows a product that makes a typical list of benefits. The manufacturer claims that by taking GenF20, you can boost your body’s production of HGH. Several medical experts confirming that by using the GenF20 Plus, users will find many physical and mental improvements. A shared statement from the official website states, The recommendation from Dr. Steven Lamm refers to the entire GenF20 Plus System, both Tablets and Oral Spray. So when you take GenF20 Plus, you can expect the following health benefits:

Increased Stamina

GenF20 contains all-natural ingredients. The company assures its users they are cGMP certified and can provide Certificates of Analysis when requested. Users who take as directed experience increased stamina and greater energy.

Slowed Aging

GenF20 users who take the supplement as directed with diet and exercise can slow the aging process and maintain bone and joint health.

Improved Sexual Performance

With its blend of natural ingredients, improved energy levels also mean an increase in libido and better, longer-lasting intimacy.

Increased Muscle Mass

When taken as part of a healthy diet and a rigorous exercise regimen, GenF20 users can improve muscle mass and bone strength.

Mental Clarity

GenF20 can help clear up that nagging brain fog. GenF20 users report feeling sharper and more emotionally stable.

Stronger Immune System

With a scientifically formulated blend of ingredients, users get long-lasting immune system support and overall better health.

Overall Vitality

GenF20 also helps in the fight against the “nuisance” problems that creep up in middle age. This supplement works to prevent high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Youthful Appearance

GenF20 Plus users will look younger when taken with diet and exercise, with fewer wrinkles and blemishes, and healthier, youthful-looking skin.

More Energy

After taking GenF20 Plus, users experience more consistent energy over the day, with no lingering fatigue in the morning and no afternoon crashes.

Improved Sleep

Many users who take GenF20 Plus consistently over the long term report less difficulty falling asleep while experiencing a deeper, more restorative sleep.


GenF20 Plus Boosts HGH Levels With All-Natural Ingredients

Unlike many of the HGH supplements on the market today, GenF20 doesn’t contain any synthetic ingredients. GenF20 uses a scientifically formulated blend of all-natural ingredients to boost the body’s natural HGH production. In this section of our review, we’re going to look at the ingredients of this popular supplement.

Astragalus Extract

This extract is more commonly known as milkvetch. Astragalus extract provides support to your cardiovascular system and your immune system.

Anterior Pituitary Powder

Extracted from the pituitary gland, the anterior pituitary powder is the primary active ingredient in human growth hormone production.

Velvet Deer Antler

This ingredient is a good source of IGF-1 and collagen. It supports bone and joint health and promotes healthy skin and nails.

Colostrum 200mg per serving

This is another ingredient that directly stimulates HGH production in the body. Colostrum also promotes a healthy immune system.

GTF Chromium 400mg per serving

GTF Chromium promotes a regular metabolism and helps boost your energy levels. As part of the GenF20 formula, Chromium also works to increase HGH production.


This ingredient is also known as Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid. GABA is a driver in several natural processes such as fat loss, muscle growth, and blood pressure regulation.


This ingredient helps the body quickly absorb all of the other elements in the GenF20 formula. It promotes fat loss and cellular maintenance.


L-Isoleucine repairs damaged cells and helps muscle growth. It also plays a role in blood sugar and hormone regulation.


L-Glycine promotes stress reduction and better sleep. It also boosts your energy level and promotes healthy liver function.

L-Glutamine 460mg per serving

This ingredient helps maintain digestive tract health and intestinal wall health. It also helps keep your blood pressure and cholesterol low.

L-Arginine 520mg per serving

This ingredient promotes blood circulation and regulates your blood pressure. As part of most proteins, it also promotes muscle growth and healing.


As part of the GenF20 formula, L-Lysine works to complement the effects of L-Arginine. As a collagen producer, L-Lysine promotes faster healing and bone health.


L-Tyrosine helps produce many important brain chemicals, such as adrenaline, melanin, and dopamine.

L-Ornithine 100mg per serving

L-Ornithine is an essential ingredient in the GenF20 Plus formula that breaks down ammonia and other toxins in the human bloodstream.


L-Valine promotes a healthy immune system and works with other ingredients in the GenF20 Plus formula to stimulate HGH production.


GenF20 Plus Is A Supplement Made With Pharmaceutical-Grade Technology

As we stated earlier, GenF20 Plus is made with all-natural ingredients and contains no additives or synthetic chemicals. What sets GenF20 Plus apart from many other HGH supplements on the market is how the pill is produced before it is bottled and distributed to users.

GenF20 Plus has an enteric coating typically seen only on prescription medication. This is in stark contrast to the layers used in many over-the-counter supplements, often spoiled before they even hit store shelves. The benefit of the enteric coating is that it helps your body to absorb all of the pill’s natural ingredients.

So as you can see, besides the substantial benefit of having a full roster of natural ingredients, each GenF20 Plus tablet has been scientifically designed to deliver the maximum benefit to your body for increased wellness and stamina over the long term. This is an amazing use of natural ingredients alongside cutting-edge technology.


How Should Consumers Use GenF20 Plus?

When you look at the ingredient list for GenF20 Plus, you can tell it’s not that different from about a dozen other HGH supplements on the market. For the best results, users should take GenF20 as a nutritional supplement with a rigorous exercise routine (two or three times a week) and a healthy diet.

A bottle of GenF20 comes from the manufacturer with 120 pills. Users need to take two capsules daily to see results. GenF20 works by stimulating your body’s natural HGH production over time, so if you forget to take the tablets, they are less effective.

How Long Does GenF20 Take To Work?

In the previous section of this review, we stressed how important it was to use the pills alongside exercise and a healthy diet and consistently take the GenF20 pills. With these two points in mind, users should not expect to see immediate results when using GenF20 plus.

Most users see results with GenF20 Plus in four or five weeks. Users who are already in regular exercise and a healthy diet will see results faster than other users. It’s important to remember when using GenF20 Plus that you’re not taking a supplement that will make you ten years younger if you exercise enough.

GenF20 Plus Encourages Natural HGH Production

GenF20 provides several positive side effects to users that build on themselves over time. As you take the supplement, you might experience increased mental clarity, which will lead to more intense and effective workouts, which promote muscle growth and increased stamina.

GenF20 doesn’t actually “give” your body more HGH; instead, it promotes and augments several distinct biological processes. These processes work overtime with diet and exercise to encourage your body to manufacture more human growth hormones to promote health and vitality.

Some Users May Take Longer To See Results

While we stated earlier that most users of GenF20 Plus see results in four or five weeks, remember that this timeframe applies only to users who are already in the habit of regular exercise and a healthy diet. For some users who haven’t been to the gym in a while, it may take longer, sometimes two to three months, to see results.

Users who take GenF20 Plus inconsistently or who take it without a proper diet and a rigorous exercise routine may never see any results at all.

Does GenF20 Plus Have Any Side Effects?

A peer-reviewed study from 2015 found adverse side effects in 12 out of 70 participants. Among the twelve individuals who reported negative side effects, the most common complaints were gastrointestinal discomfort, followed by headaches and acne around the eyes. These kinds of side effects are familiar with many nutritional supplements.

While no serious adverse side effects have been reported with GenF20 Plus, adverse drug interactions, while rare, do happen. Users should not take a supplement like GenF20 Plus without consulting a doctor first, especially if they have a history of allergies or adverse drug interactions.

Does GenF20 Plus Really Work?

Unlike many other HGH supplements out there that talk a big game without any quantifiable proof to back it up, a few studies demonstrate that GenF20 Plus delivers results over time when used properly with exercise and a healthy diet.

While the peer-reviewed study from 2015 that we referenced a moment ago found a few isolated cases of adverse experiences such as headaches or gastrointestinal distress, what’s more interesting is the vast array of positive side effects documented by the same study.

The researchers in this study documented increases in Serum IGF-1 levels, with a decrease in waist circumference and BMI. When researchers measured general awareness, study participants reported improved mood, sleep, and libido and improved focus and mental clarity during the day.

Recent Studies Also Show GenF20 Plus Stimulates HGH Production

A more recent peer-reviewed study from 2020 also demonstrated that GenF20 Plus effectively stimulates the body’s natural HGH production when taken with diet and exercise. Although this study contained a slightly smaller sample size, participants in the study produced more HGH and reported greater well-being after taking GenF20 Plus.

How Can I Get GenF20 Plus With A Guarantee?

If you want to purchase a bottle of GenF20 Plus with a guarantee in case you’re not satisfied, you can order GenF20 Plus directly from the manufacturer’s website. The website is secure, and all major credit cards are accepted. If you purchase a bottle of GenF20 Plus from the manufacturer, you’ll get a no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee good for 67 days. Prices are as follows:

  • 1 MONTH GenF20 Plus $69.95 USD
  • 2 MONTH GenF20 Plus $134.95 USD
  • 3 MONTH GenF20 Plus $199.95 USD
  • 4 MONTH GenF20 Plus $249.95 USD
  • 5 MONTH GenF20 Plus $299.95 USD
  • 6 MONTH GenF20 Plus $349.95 USD

GenF20 is also available from major retailers like Amazon and Wal-Mart. However, consumers will find the lowest price and cheapest cost found on the official GenF20 Plus website with a generous return policy. A money-back guarantee and free shipping on select packages you will not find on other websites.


Contact Information

Customers can phone or email the company for product questions, return information or purchase the product at:

  • Phone: North America: +1-866-621-6884 or International: +1-604-677-3533
  • Return Merchandise Authorization: genf20.com/refund/
  • Email: https://www.genf20.com/contact/


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