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Kasamba is a website that offers psychic services from experienced professionals that their team has vetted. The platform offers many different services, including psychics’ spiritual gifts in palm readings, fortune-telling, and more.

What is Kasamba?

Everyone has questions about the direction that their life is going at one point or another. The desire to learn about what will happen next is inherently found in everyone, which is exactly why there are so many ways to learn more. Psychic services may come with a bit of criticism from non-believers, but the right can make a major difference in the experience. Kasamba aims to be a way to create a new and unique experience for users.

Kasamba has various psychics that help consumers understand any of the life questions they might have with one of their many services. The psychics on their staff have a genuine need to be helpful and honest with clients, using their spiritual gifts to provide many different services to their clients. Just a few of the psychic’s tools include tarot cards, runes, and astrology. However, their skills are vast, and they have many gifts that require no tools at all.

This platform has already spent 20 years in business, providing consumers with the ability to receive psychic readings over the phone, via email, and even with the live chat function online. Customers can rate their psychic out of five stars (though millions of 5-star ratings already). The company is committed to hiring the best psychics to deliver service to customers, and all of them are professionals that have to adhere to specific guidelines for their quality.

These incredible psychics are available 24/7, and anyone who signs up will instantly get a brief 3-minute reading for free whenever they sign up. Furthermore, the free minutes aren’t exclusive to the first psychic service that the user chooses; they will qualify instantly for three free minutes with every single psychic that they try out until they are sure of the experience that they want to have.


What Services Does Kasamba Offer?

When it comes to what Kasamba offers, there is no shortage of services available, which is part of its overall appeal. Users can choose one of the professional advisors to learn about parts of their life through a psychic connection, tarot reading, rune reading, or other services.

Read on below to get an idea of these different options when shopping for a psychic.

Psychic Readings

A Kasamba psychic reading allows customers to tap into the spiritual gift of the advisors on the website. Users currently have their choice of 288 advisors that have been hand-picked by Kasamba for their incredible gifts. Users are encouraged to try out different advisors until they figure out who they fit with the best.

Currently, this category is broken down into several categories, including:

  • Aura readings
  • Crystal readings
  • Pet psychics
  • Psychic mediums
  • Rune casting

Users can also choose to have readings with psychics that are specifically from the UK, or they can participate in remote viewing.


Love & Relationships

The “Love & Relationships” category specifically deals with readings that will help users navigate their romantic life with a little more ease. The questions that you may face may be regarding the timing of finding a soulmate, the certainty of a new relationship, or whether a partner should be trusted. With one of the 276 advisors, users can seek out answers regarding:

  • Breaking up or getting a divorce
  • Relationships between parents and children
  • Affairs and potential cheaters
  • Questions about being single.
  • Questions about dating
  • Soulmates
  • Marriage

Consumers have the ability to ask about heterosexual or homosexual relationships.

Tarot Readings

A tarot reading requires a different kind of gift to be used by spiritual advisors. These types of readings allow users to choose different spreads of the cards to explain exactly what their future holds, addressing questions about relationships, money, and love. Users can choose from 186 different readers for these types of predictions, choosing from an angel card reading or cartomancy.

An angel card reading brings in questions and answers influenced by the recipient’s own spiritual guides, loved ones who have passed, and guardian angels. Cartomancy is not done with a specific card type, but it can still provide answers about health, finances, love, relationships, and the future.

Fortune Telling

The fortune-telling advisors are exactly what consumers would expect – spiritual advisors that can give users a little direction on what’s happening in their future. There are 181 advisors in this category, allowing users to connect over the phone or via online chat.

Dream Analysis

Dream analysis helps users break down the main themes in their dream to understand the symbolism behind them, giving insight into their subconscious minds. Scientists still have many questions about how consumers dream, but experienced advisors can help break down the messages behind the themes.

There are only 108 people who specialize in this type of interpretation on Kasamba, but the staff is constantly growing.

Astrology Readings

Kasamba astrology readings is a unique way of unveiling information to customers. Astrology is an art, and it uses zodiac signs and the positions of the planets, stars, and moons to give answers to the user about their life. People worldwide have used this type of reading, and it even has been featured in magazines and newspapers at a less personal level.

With 97 different advisors, users can learn about their future with both Vedic astrology and Chinese astrology. Vedic astrology specifically deals with the symbols of the zodiac signs, while Chinese astrology focuses on the 12 animals that are representative of the zodiac signs.

Career Forecasts

The career forecasts are reserved for readers that have a specific skill in these types of predictions. Consumers can choose this reading to help them determine if they are participating in their careers or seeking a change. They also guide the way to find joy and success in the path that they choose.

Right now, 198 psychics specifically help with career moves, which means that users can get the details that they need easily.

Additional Types of Readings

Along with these featured topics, there are other readings that consumers can try out as well, which include:

  • Palm readings
  • Paranormal readings
  • Past life readings
  • Numerology
  • Graphology
  • Picture readings
  • Intimacy readings

Users can choose to work with one of the newer psychics if they want a fresher perspective. However, there are also lessons on the laws of the universe, the occult, kabbalah, eastern philosophy, and religion.

How Kasamba Works

Everything starts with picking a specific service. Since there are professional psychics and fortune-tellers available at all times, clients can customize their experience to exactly what they need at that time. New customers can check out the category menu to browse all of the different services to find the one that works for the answers that they are seeking.

The chatting platform makes it easy for consumers to connect comfortably, especially if they don’t want to interact with psychics face-to-face just yet directly. They have to enter a chat in the window before starting working with the psychic of their choice. Individuals that want to have an offline session instead can send an inquiry to an advisor, though they will have to agree to the fees before their request goes through. Answers only take about 24 hours.

Before getting involved with any of the readings, new customers will have to register with Kasamba. The registration requires that the user create their username and password, followed by the preferred payment method. They’ll be able to start chatting with a psychic or fortune-teller right after the registration process is over.

Paying for the services is just as easy as enjoying the reading. Users can pick the advisor who works for their particular budget and use a credit or debit card. They will periodically load money to their account to cover the cost of their chosen readings. Users can also select PayPal as their payment method.

Joining Kasamba as a Psychic

As incredible as the psychics of Kasamba can be, other professional advisors can apply to work with the platform as well. Thousands of clients seek out their help daily, so there is no shortage of demand.

Anyone who wants to sign up as a psychic will start by creating an online profile showing their qualifications, specialties, and experience. They can also include any details that they want prospective clients to know when choosing them. Kasamba also allows psychics to decorate their profile and choose the way that they interact with clients. Then, the profile will be featured as one of the available advisors so that consumers can search for them with different criteria.

To register, the total cost is $50.


Frequently Asked Questions About Kasamba

What is Kasamba?

Kasamba is a platform for psychic readings, and consumers will have access to professional advisors with various guests. Customers can seek out the right match for them with different keywords, prices, and ratings. The psychics are available 24/7, and they have a 93% positive rating from customers. They’ve already been in business for 20 years, and the experiences are completely anonymous for users.

Are there any financial incentives to get involved?

Absolutely! One of the main reasons this brand is so different from other companies is that it gives consumers a risk-free opportunity to test out psychic connections with advisors for free for the first three minutes. These minutes are valid whenever the user tries out a new advisor, ensuring that they find the right match for their needs.

The free minutes specifically apply to online chats when switching from one psychic to another.

What can consumers expect from their free minutes with a Kasamba psychic?

Users will first need to choose the advisor that they want to work with. If the advisor is new to the customer, they will automatically get the free minutes. The session will be free if the user ends the call before the three minutes are over.

What charges will show up on the customer’s credit card bill?

When users originally sign up with their credit card, they’ll notice a charge pending for $15. The $15 charge is used to validate the credit card to make sure that it is an authentic form of payment. The amount is reversed within an hour, but users will see this pending charge whenever they initiate a new reading. The transaction is simply a hold of funds, but no charge will remain on the card.

Who can use Kasamba?

The services available through Kasamba are only available to consumers that are at least 18 years old. Furthermore, users must register as a member to use the services.

If consumers are concerned about a charge or have other questions, they can reach out to the support team by submitting a message through the “Email Us” pop-up window. This window can be accessed through the support center at:

  • https://support.kasamba.com/support/home.

Final Thoughts

Kasamba provides users with a way to find answers spiritually, diving into the spiritual abilities of psychics. The company offers brief trials of any psychics on staff that help users improve their chances of finding the solution they hope for. Membership is required, but users will only have to pay when they choose readings.

  • Diverse Psychic Services: Kasamba provides a wide range of psychic services, including aura readings, crystal readings, tarot cards, rune casting, love and relationship guidance, fortune-telling, dream analysis, astrology readings, career forecasts, and more. This variety ensures that users can find specific guidance tailored to their personal inquiries.
  • Vetted Professionals: The platform boasts a selection of experienced professionals that are carefully vetted by Kasamba’s team to ensure quality and genuine spiritual assistance. With hundreds of advisors to choose from, users are encouraged to try multiple psychics to find the best personal fit.
  • User Ratings and Accessibility: Psychics on Kasamba are rated by customers, many receiving 5-star ratings, and are available 24/7. This allows for flexibility and the ability to choose a highly-rated advisor at any time. The service is accessible through phone, email, or live chat, providing various modes of communication to suit user preferences.
  • Free Trial and Payment System: New users are offered a free 3-minute reading with each new psychic they try, giving them the chance to find the right match without initial financial commitment. Payment for services is convenient and can be made using credit/debit cards or PayPal, with funds loaded periodically to cover costs.
  • Eligibility and Customer Support: Kasamba’s services are exclusively for individuals who are 18 years of age or older. Users must register as a member to access the services, with the platform offering customer support through their support center for any inquiries or issues.

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