employees embracing activism on climate change

At today’s shareholders meeting in Seattle, they will call out the tech giant on climate issues.

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Boeing open to changing the name of grounded 737 Max

With the Max moniker tarnished, it could be time to go back to basics.

Engine snag delays first flight of Boeing 777X until fall

GE says it has a fix for the plane’s big GE9X engines, but it will be months before they are certified.

Airbus launches new A321XLR with 27-plane Air Lease order

It’s the biggest available single-aisle plane and puts pressure on Boeing to launch a counterpart.

GAO: Refueling-boom problems could delay KC-46 deliveries

The federal Government Accountability Office says the boom on the Pegasus could scratch fighter jets.

Man sues Boeing, claims SC co-workers put noose on his desk

An African-American worker says Boeing did not take other complaints seriously. The company denies it.

Biggest state delegation ever is in Paris for air show

More than 80 from Washington are attending. State and local public officials say it’s worth the expense.

The latest from the Paris Air Show: Monday

The world’s aviation elite have gathered at the Paris Air Show in Le Bourget, France.

Emirates negotiations may deal blow to key Boeing 777X order

The fate of a huge 150-plane order likely won’t be announced until the Dubai Air Show in the fall.

Rain leaves veggie farmers struggling with no aid in sight

Commodity crop growers got $11 billion in aid last year and will get $16 billion more this year.

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