Briefs: Howie’s Beardslee Public House raises money for UW Bothell, Cascadia College

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Boeing’s $1 billion ‘kill vehicle’ contract ended by Pentagon

The project’s purpose was to shoot down missiles from North Korea or Iran.

As global economic picture dims, solutions seem out of reach

“The new normal will likely continue for the next three to four years.”

Cyberattacks on Texas cities put other governments on guard

“These guys are like bank robbers. They look at what attacks work and then they replicate it.”

After trees fall, Lynnwood light rail construction looms

Watch for major work along I-5 after Sound Transit approved $1.5 billion in construction contracts.

U.S. deficit to expand by $800 billion more than expected

The shortfall is driven by low tax revenue after the GOP cut rates for corporations and individuals.

Boeing to hire hundreds of temporary employees at Moses Lake

Wanted: aircraft, airframe and engine mechanics, avionics technicians and aircraft electricians.

FAA to plane workers: Don’t damage the angle-of-attack sensors

The devices measure a plane’s position relative to oncoming air.

Report shows US deficit to exceed $1 trillion next year

Trump has vowed to balance the budget and pay down the entire national debt.

Powell may signal future rate cuts, but would they matter?

Borrowing rates are already historically low.

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