Is cloud computing for your business?

Bruce Freeman writes a weekly column called the Small Business Professor for Scripps Howard News Service. This week, he looks at business use of cloud computing with help from Cindy Bates of Microsoft.

“With cloud computing, you may be able to reduce overhead costs if your employees work from home or on the road while showing properties. Ability to work remotely is a big benefit if your business is in an area that experiences weather-related stoppages, like much of the Northeast did this winter, for example,” notes Cindy Bates, vice president of US Small, Medium Business and Distribution at Microsoft. “Communication and collaboration efficiencies are also common benefits to remote working. The ability to add branch locations at no additional support costs may be another benefit to small business owners.”

Keep in mind that cloud computing should work together with much of your existing technology investment.

One of the biggest benefits is your business’s independence from hardware and software crashes — no more lost data or downtime!

Imagine the cost and hassle if your computers were lost, stolen or damaged by a fire or flood.

In addition, cyber crime, malware and other threats are on the rise and they can shut down a small business within minutes.

With cloud computing, these concerns are not an issue because the data is kept “in the cloud” so when working with a secure cloud technology provider, small businesses are less vulnerable to security breaches and can experience the kind of security previously enjoyed only by much larger companies.

Cloud computing is the wave of the future and is worth considering for many small businesses.

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