A moment of well-deserved clarity, parents

As a parent, I need more than chocolate and caffeine to keep “adulting.” I also need encouragement. I bet you do too. Raising kids is such hard work, that we need all the love and support we can get. So if this past week left you feeling low, then this column is for you.

Are your kids sometimes late to school? Congratulations for getting them out the door.

Do you have gigantic homework battles at the dining room table? You are doing a stupendous job supervising learning and demonstrating that education matters.

Is your child 3 years old and not potty-trained? Absolutely that is still normal, and no it’s not your fault.

Is there a pile of laundry on your bed that needs to be folded? Awesome work getting those dirty clothes washed and dried.

Are you in danger of losing your job because your kids have been sick and you’ve had to miss shifts? That stinks! You are obviously a person with a strong work ethic.

Did your baby wake up three times last night? Some day you’ll enjoy karmic equality by waking your teenager up on Saturday mornings.

Have you thought about asking Siri to locate boarding schools? You are not alone!

Are there shoes all over the house even though you’ve told your kids a billion times to use the gosh-darn-fudging shoe cabinet? That’s really impressive that you have an organizational system in place and are encouraging your children to use it. Well done!

Did you write out a $300 check for your child’s [fill in the blank] activity? That was really kind of you. You are a generous person.

Was frozen pizza your go-to dinner last night? That was clever and resourceful of you. You had a back-up meal ready to go, and saved a bunch of money by not ordering take-out.

Are you on a first-name basis with all of the school administrators, and not for pleasant reasons? Hold your head up high and walk into that school like you own it. You pay taxes too.

Have you recently cleaned up vomit? You earn a gold star for being hygienic. Was it popsicle colored? Bonus points!

Are you teaching your teenager how to drive? Your bravery is evident to everyone your daughter accidently cuts off.

Have you spent this entire weekend doing things you didn’t want to do? Did one of those events involve a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese’s with a bunch of people you didn’t know? You are selfless and kind. You have the patience of a saint. Your eardrums will stop ringing soon, I promise.

Is your child ill? Have you been running back and forth from the pediatrician to Seattle Children’s Hospital? All of us send love your way.

Years from now, our children will grow up and hopefully appreciate everything we do. Until then, consider this your thank you card from the future.

Jennifer Bardsley lives in Edmonds. Her book “Genesis Girl” comes out Sept. 27. Find her online on Instagram @the_ya_gal, Twitter @jennbardsley or at teachingmybabytoread.com.

By Jenny Bardsley

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