Author events and poetry readings around Snohomish County

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Melted cheese: A treat for kids and grownups alike

Enjoy these timeless recipes with a hearty green salad and a cold Mexican beer — or glass of milk.

What makes this zucchini dish so delightful? Ginger

A gingery marinade brings a new level of refreshing to warm weather’s most prolific vegetable.

Asparagus and fettuccine canoodle in this elegant spring dish

Pasta and vegetable noodles are not the either-or proposition some would lead you to believe.

Curious boy gets the story behind the name of Snohomish park

The 5th grader researched the life and legacy of Willis D. Tucker. The result amazed his teacher.

Two dogs at Everett shelter need to be adopted

Nano and Obi are ready for adoption into new homes from the Everett Animal Shelter.

This photo illustration is a mockup of what the traffic signal box might look like for Lynnwood’s “Big Hair and Blue Eye Shadow” photo contest to art up a box near the Alderwood mall. That’s Shannon Sessions, Lynnwood city councilwoman, in her 1988 Meadowdale High School graduation photo.
                                (City of Lynnwood)
Yikes! Big hair and blue eye shadow is stylin’ in Lynnwood

Dude, beer can earrings are like, totally, a bonus in “Almost Live!” contest to art up a signal box.

MoPOP exhibit examines the influence and music of Prince

It has 50 artifacts, 25 photographs, one of his distinctive guitars and two outfits from “Purple Rain.”

‘Sesame Street’ welcomes a Muppet in foster care

Karli is the venerable children’s program’s latest addition to its inclusive cast.

I’m not happy I decided to get pregnant

It’s been a week and I can’t seem to dig up one happy feeling.

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