Book reviews: Boy Scouts, marital strife and California cults

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Today’s lesson: How to roast chicken without poisoning the family

Step 1: Wash your hands. Step 2: Don’t touch anything. Step 3: Wash your hands again.

2020 Nissan Versa adds refinement to affordability

The best-selling subcompact sedan is fully redesigned, with snazzy styling and more safety features.

Whidbey vet opens up about his 50-year journey to find peace

Greg Doering of Clinton survived a tour in Vietnam, only to endure more trauma back home.

How to avoid madding crowds in Italy’s lovely Cinque Terre

The keys include visiting during off-peak season and skipping the towns at midday.

Trees talk: How plants communicate to survive environmental threats

By communicating with bacteria, cottonwoods can recruit help to survive threats such as drought or pathogens.

Addiction blindfolds not only addicts, but their families

We don’t understand what causes addiction, but 12-step programs can help us find our way.

Here’s what you should be doing in the garden in November

Fertilize the lawn, prune the roses and spread a lot of mulch to prevent a big weed problem.

Great Plant Pick: Stipa gigantea, giant feather or needle grass

Plant the grass next to the lawn so that a viewer may appreciate its dangling seeds on close inspection.

Rubber boots: They’ve been keeping feet dry since 1853

At first, Wellington boots were a fashion statement. Then farmers and soldiers began to wear them.

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