Movie times

Snohomish County

Alderwood 7, Lynnwood


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (PG) (10:45-11:15-1-1:30-2-3:45-4:15-4:45) 6:30-7-7:30-9:15-9:45-10:15

Wedding Crashers (R) (11-11:30-1:45-2:20-4:30-5) 7:15-7:50-10-10:30

Herbie: Fully Loaded (G) (11:50-2:30-4:55) 7:40-10:10

Mr. &Mrs. Smith (PG-13) (10:40-1:20-4:10) 7:05-10:05

Edmonds Theater


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (PG) 2-4:30-7-9:15

Everett 9


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (PG) (11:30-1-2:10-3:30-4:50) 6:50-7:30-9:40-10:10

Wedding Crashers (R) (11:50-2:30-5:10) 7:50-10:30

Dark Water (PG-13) (12:10-2:40-5:20) 8-10:25

Fantastic Four (PG-13) (11:40-12:40-2:20-4-5) 6:40-7:40-9:30-10:20

War of the Worlds (PG-13) (11:20-2-4:40) 7:20-10:05

Batman Begins (PG-13) (12:20-3:50) 7-10

Mr. &Mrs. Smith (PG-13) (12:50-3:40) 7:10-10:15

Everett Mall 3


Bewitched (PG-13) (2-4:30) 7:15-9:30

Herbie: Fully Loaded (G) (2:15-5) 7:30-9:45

Madagascar (PG) (2:30-4:45) 7

Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith (PG-13) 9:15

Galaxy 12, Monroe


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (PG) 11-11:20-11:40-1:40-2-2:20-4:20-4:40-5-7-7:20-7:40-9:35-9:55-10:15

Mr. &Mrs. Smith (PG-13) 11:45-2:25-5:05-7:45-10:25

Batman Begins (PG-13) 10:30-1:25-4:25-7:25-10:25

Dark Water (PG-13) 11:05-2:05-4:50-7:20-9:50

War of the Worlds (PG-13) 11-1:45-4:35-7:10-9:45

Wedding Crashers (R) 11:25-2:10-4:55-7:35-10:20

Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith (PG-13) 10:30-1:30-4:30-7:30-10:30

Fantastic Four (PG-13) 10:45-11:15-1:25-1:55-4:15-4:45-7-7:30-9:40-10:10

Madagascar (PG) 12

Herbie: Fully Loaded (G) 2:15-4:45-7:05-9:25

Grand Cinemas, Lynnwood


George A. Romero’s Land of the Dead (R) 4:40-7:05-9:05

The Perfect Man (PG) 5:10-7:10-9:20

The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3D (PG) 5:20-7:20-9:20

The Longest Yard (PG-13) 4:20-6:50-9:25

Monster-in-Law (PG-13) 4:30-7-9:10

Crash (R) 5-7:15-9:30

The Interpreter (PG-13) 4-6:30-9

Sahara (PG-13) 4:10-6:40-9:10

Loews At Alderwood


Fantastic Four (PG-13) (11:30-12:30-1:30-2:20-3:30-4:30) 5:30-6:30-7:10-7:50-8:30-9:30-10:10-10:40

Dark Water (PG-13) (11:40-12:50-2:10-3:50-4:50) 7:20-8:10-10:20-10:50

Rebound (PG) (1:20-4:20)

March of the Penguins (G) (11:10-12:10-1:40-2:40-4:10) 5:20-6:50-7:40-9:20-10:30

War of the Worlds (PG-13) (11-12-1-2-3-4) 5:05-6-7-8-9-10-11

Bewitched (PG-13) (1:10-3:40) 6:20-9:10

Batman Begins (PG-13) (11:05-2:20-3:20) 6:45-9:40-10:15

Cinderella Man (PG-13) 8:20

The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants (PG) (12:20) 6:40

Madagascar (PG) (12:40-3:10) 5:40

Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith (PG-13) (11:20-2:50) 6:10-9:50

The Island (PG-13) Midnight

The Devil’s Rejects (R) Midnight

Marysville 14


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (PG) (12:30-3:30) 6:30

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (PG) (1-1:30-4-4:30) 7-7:30-9:50-10:20

Wedding Crashers (R) (1:45-4:40) 7:50-10:40

Wedding Crashers (R) (1:15-4:10) 7:20-10:10

Dark Water (PG-13) (12:40-3:55) 8-10:35

Fantastic Four (PG-13) (11:15-12-2-4:20-5) 7:10-7:40-10-10:30

War of the Worlds (PG-13) (12:15-3:45) 6:50-9:40

War of the Worlds (PG-13) (11:30) 9:15

Bewitched (PG-13) (1:50-5:10) 7:55-10:25

Herbie: Fully Loaded (G) (11:45-3:50) 6:40-9:35

Batman Begins (PG-13) (12:20-3:40) 6:45-9:55

Mr. &Mrs. Smith (PG-13) (12:50-4:15) 7:15-10:15

Madagascar (PG) (2:10-4:50) 7:05

The Longest Yard (PG-13) 9:25

Mountlake 9 425-744-1112

The Devil’s Rejects (R) Midnight

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (PG) (10:40-1:20-4) 7:30-10:15

Wedding Crashers (R) (11:20-2-4:40) 7:50-10:30

Dark Water (PG-13) (11:10-1:50-4:30) 7:20-10:25

Fantastic Four (PG-13) (11-1:40-4:20) 7-9:40

War of the Worlds (PG-13) (11:40-2:20-5) 7:40-10:20

Herbie: Fully Loaded (G) (11:30-2:10-4:50) 7:10-9:30

Batman Begins (PG-13) (12:40-3:40) 6:50-9:50

Mr. &Mrs. Smith (PG-13) (12:20-3:30) 6:40-9:20

Madagascar (PG) (10:50-12:50-3-5:10) 8-10:10

Olympic Theater, Arlington


Batman Begins (PG-13) 7:30

Puget Park Drive-In, Everett


Box office opens 8:30 p.m., shows at dusk.

War of the Worlds (PG-13) w/

Batman Begins (PG-13)

Stanwood Cinemas


Batman Begins (PG-13) 1-9:05

Dark Water (PG-13) 1:15-3:40-7:10-9:20

Fantastic Four (PG-13) 1:45-4:10-6:45-9

War of the Worlds (PG-13) 1:30-4-7-9:25

Herbie: Fully Loaded (G) 4:10-6:55

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (PG) 1:20-3:55-6:50-9:15

King County

Cinerama, Seattle


Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith (PG-13) 12-3:15-7-10:30

Crest Cinema Center, Shoreline


The Interpreter (PG-13) 7-9:40

My Summer of Love (R) 7:30-9:50

Saving Face (R) 9

The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy (PG) 7:15-9:30

Millions (PG) 6:45

Egyptian Theatre, Seattle


March of the Penguins (G) (12-2:20-4:40) 7-9:15

Guild 45th Theatre, Seattle


Happy Endings (R) (12:45-3:50) 7-10

Me and You and Everyone We Know (R) (4:50) 7:20-9:45

Harvard Exit Theatre, Seattle


Yes (R) (4:30) 7-9:25

Heights (R) (4:45) 7:15-9:40

Meridian 16, Seattle


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (PG) (12-12:40-1:20-2-2:50-3:30-4:10-4:50-5:40) 6:20-7-7:40-8:30-9:10-9:50-10:30

Wedding Crashers (R) (12:30-1:10-1:50-3:20-4-4:40) 6:10-6:50-7:30-9-9:40-10:20

Rebound (PG) (11:30-1:45-3:55)

War of the Worlds (PG-13) (12:20-1-1:40-3:10-3:50-4:30) 6:05-6:40-7:20-8:50-9:30-10:10

Rize (PG-13) (11:40-4:35) 9:35

Herbie: Fully Loaded (G) (11:50-2:30) 9:55

Mr. &Mrs. Smith (PG-13) (12:50-1:30-3:40-4:20) 6:30-7:10-9:20-10

Cinderella Man (PG-13) 6:15-9:25

The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants (PG) (1:55) 6:45

Madagascar (PG) (12:10-2:20-4:45)

The Longest Yard (PG-13) 7:05-9:45

Metro Cinemas, Seattle


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (PG) (12-1-3-4) 6:15-7-9-9:40

Wedding Crashers (R) (1:20-4:20) 7:15-10

The Beautiful Country (R) (12:30-4:50) 8:15

Cinderella Man (PG-13) (12:20-4:40) 8

Dark Water (PG-13) (12:40-3:40) 9:10

Fantastic Four (PG-13) (1:30-4:30) 7:20-9:50

War of the Worlds (PG-13) (1:15-4:10) 7:10-9:55

Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith (PG-13) (12:15-3:30) 6:30-9:30

Howl’s Moving Castle (PG) (12:45-3:50) 6:45

Howl’s Moving Castle (Subtitled) (PG) 9:35

Neptune Theatre, Seattle


Batman Begins (PG-13) (3:45) 7-10:10

Oak Tree Cinemas, Seattle


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (PG) (11:40-12:20-2:25-3:40-5:10) 6:30-7:55-9:20-10:40

Wedding Crashers (R) (12:45-4) 7:20-10:10

Fantastic Four (PG-13) (11:15-1:40-4:20) 7-9:40

War of the Worlds (PG-13) (11:25-2:05-4:50) 7:40-10:25

Batman Begins (PG-13) (12-3:20) 6:45-9:55

The Island (PG-13) Midnight

Pacific Place 11, Seattle


Fantastic Four (PG-13) 12:50-1:50-2:30-3:30-4:30-5:05-6:15-7:15-7:40-8:50-9:50

Dark Water (PG-13) 12-1:20-2:40-4:10-5:15-6:45-7:50-9:25-10:25

Bewitched (PG-13) 12:20-2:45-5:10-7:30-10:10

George A. Romero’s Land of the Dead (R) 12:10-10:15

Batman Begins (PG-13) 12:15-1:10-2:15-3:20-4:15-5:20-6:30-7:20-8:30-9:35-10:30

Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith (PG-13) 12:40-3:45-6:50-10

Crash (R) 12:30-3:15-10:20

Seven Gables Theatre, Seattle


Ladies in Lavender (PG-13) (4:30) 9:30

Uptown Cinemas, Seattle


Happy Endings (R) (1-4) 7-9:50

Me and You and Everyone We Know (R) (12:15-2:30-4:45) 7:15-9:30

Mad Hot Ballroom (PG) (12:30-3) 6:45-9:15

Varsity Theater, Seattle


The Two of Us (NR) 7-9:20

Genesis (G) 7:10-9:10

The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill (G) 7:15

Crash (R) 9:30

Woodinville 12


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (PG) (11-12:30-1:45-3:15-4:30) 6:15-7:15-9-10

Wedding Crashers (R) (11:15-12-2-2:45-4:45-5:30) 7:30-8:15-10:15-11

Fantastic Four (PG-13) (11:30-2:05-4:30) 7-7:40-9:30-10:45

Dark Water (PG-13) (11:20-1:30-4:10) 7:35-10:10

War of the Worlds (PG-13) (1:15-4:15) 7:15-10:20-10:55

Bewitched (PG-13) (11:15-1:35-4) 6:40-9:10

Herbie: Fully Loaded (G) (12-2:30-4:50) 7:05

Batman Begins (PG-13) (11:05-1:50-5) 7:50-10:40

Mr. &Mrs. Smith (PG-13) (11-1:40-4:25) 7:20-10:05

Madagascar (PG) (2:15-4:40)

Island and Skagit counties

Blue Fox Drive-In, Oak Harbor


Fantastic Four (PG-13) 9 with:

Mr. &Mrs. Smith (PG-13)

Cascade Cinemas, Burlington


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (PG) (11:10-12-12:50-1:50-2:50-3:40-4:30-5:40) 6:30-7:10-8:30-9:30-10:10

Wedding Crashers (R) (11:50-1-3-4) 6-7-9-10

Fantastic Four (PG-13) (11-12:05-1:30-2:40-4:20-5:20) 6:50-7:50-9:40-10:20

Dark Water (PG-13) (11:30-2:30-5:10) 7:40-10:30

War of the Worlds (PG-13) (11:20-12:40-2:10-3:30-4:50) 6:20-7:30-9:15-10:15

Bewitched (PG-13) 6:40-9:20

Herbie: Fully Loaded (G) (11:15-1:40-4:40) 7:20-9:50

Batman Begins (PG-13) (12:10-3:10) 6:10-9:10

Mr. &Mrs. Smith (PG-13) (1:10-3:50) 6:45-9:45

Madagascar (PG) (11:40-2-4:10)

Oak Harbor Plaza Cinema 3


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (PG) 1:15-3:50-6:45-9:30

War of the Worlds (PG-13) 1:30-4:10-6:50-9:20

Batman Begins (PG-13) 1-9:15

Herbie: Fully Loaded (G) 4-7

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