Your Mother’s Day Report Card

Sharpen your pencils, and get ready to grade yourself. Your Mother’s Day report card is waiting.

Mother’s Day gifts fall into categories that can be graded by moms everywhere. (Urbanphase / Wikimedia Commons)

Mother’s Day gifts fall into categories that can be graded by moms everywhere. (Urbanphase / Wikimedia Commons)

Take this Mother’s Day quiz

Wait, what day is it again? Did someone say “Mother’s Day?” Uh oh. I hope you planned ahead. In the digital age, your mom will be bombarded with pictures her friends post on Facebook showcasing all the lovely gifts they got from their children. Will your present stack up? Better take this handy quiz to double check.

Heartfelt sentiments

You texted Mom something like: “Wazzup? How’s it going?” (___) 1 point

You spoke to Mom this morning and told her “Happy Mother’s Day!” (___) 5 points

You bought — or made — a card guaranteed to make Mom happy. (___) 10 points

You didn’t just sign a card, you wrote a short paragraph in it. (___) 20 points

Floral department

What? People buy their mother flowers? This never occurred to you before. (___) 1 point

You didn’t buy Mom any flowers because she doesn’t like them. (___) 5 points

You bought Mom a beautiful bouquet or potted plant from the grocery store. (___) 10 points

You had flowers delivered to her. (___) 20 points

Food and beverages

Mom’s cooking you dinner tonight. (___) -10 points

You and your brother or sister fought over bringing Mom breakfast in bed. (___) 1 point

You gave Mom a special treat like chocolates, coffee or fruit. (___) 5 points

You planned ahead and made reservations to take Mom out to a restaurant. (___) 10 points

Clothing, jewelry and tchotchkes

You bought Mom a clothing item that she would actually wear in public. (___) 20 points

You made something for Mom with your own two hands. (___) 20 points

You bought Mom jewelry or some other special thing she enjoys. (___) 20 points

You picked out soap, lotion, bubble bath or perfume that smells great. (___) 20 points

Extra credit

You’re surprising Mom with a framed photo of her children, grandchildren or fur-baby. (___) 10 points

You’re doing chores around Mom’s house, just to be nice. (___) 10 points

You don’t live near Mom, but you made an extra special effort to connect with her today, either in person, or on the phone. (___) 10 points

Sharpen your pencil and get ready to grade yourself. How does your present stack up?

0-5 points: There is still time to go to the store.

6-10 points: Good job. Mom appreciates your effort.

11-50 points: Excellent. Mom has something to brag about on Facebook today.

51+ points: Well aren’t you the overachiever? What are you trying to do, make the rest of us look bad?

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