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100% FREE Psychic Reading Online: BEST 2 Psychic Sites for Accurate Guidance and Answers

For centuries, psychic readings have always been one of trustworthy ways to find guidance and advice in life. Many claimed that this method helped them make wise decisions for their future.

It’s not surprising why more people use free psychic reading services these days. The spiritual answers can solve their most difficult troubles, help them find love and comfort, as well as have good health.

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Troubled with thoughts and worries? Want to figure out how to escape from the crisis?

Psychic readings can help you answer all questions you’re having in mind and put you at ease with everything coming in your life.

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What are 2 BEST Psychic Reading Sites?

Our top recommended choices are…

1. Best readings for love & relationships: Kasamba

2. Best readings by phone: California Psychics

We are curious creatures who can’t help but craving to know what the future holds for each one of us. However, with a numerous number of psychic sites online nowadays, it’s hard to find a trustworthy site where you can connect with legit psychics. If you encounter with a scammer unfortunately, it will be a waste of time and money.

By visiting top-rated psychic sites, you can gain the most of your readings and make the right choices for your life ahead.

In the following, I’m going to review the two sites highly recommended, and all you have to do is considering carefully before planning your first psychic reading online.

1. Kasamba – #1 Choice for Best Psychic Reading Site in 2021



  • Over 20 years of experience
  • 3 free minutes in the first reading with per psychic
  • Psychic readings via chat online, phone, and email
  • Satisfaction guarantee


  • Satisfaction guarantee is only applied to the first reading

For those who are new to this realm or want to explore more psychic sites, look further but Kasamba. This is the best place in overall in which you will find dozens of psychics with different specialties. Depending on your request, they can provide you from general readings to more specific sessions featuring more divine tools (tarot cards, astrology, numerology, etc.)

What can you do with free 3 minutes?

The free psychic trial offered by Kasamba is such a great chance to test the quality of your chosen psychic reader. No need to spend a penny, take advantage of this to find the best consultant of your reading. Unlike other sites which don’t even provide free minutes to new clients, Kasamba allows you to test each psychic in all categories for free.

About the pricing, psychics at this site start at a low rate ($1.99/min.) and later charge upwards once you already used the free trials. Don’t be surprised if you see some even charge higher than $20 pert minute. Those whose readings have higher prices are because their experiences are richer.

You should consider both the quality and price that a reader offers to find affordable, genuine services with no disappointment.

It’s great to know that satisfaction guarantee is available in this psychic network. In case you’re unhappy after the first reading, contact Kasamba customer support and you can get a refund of up to $50.

Contact Kasamba NOW

2. California Psychics – Best Choice for Phone Readings



  • New clients have to pay only $1 per minute
  • All authentic psychics are interviewed and tested thoroughly
  • Customer support team is available 24/7
  • Providing services for international customers
  • Hotline for instant contact via +1-866-552-3943


  • No readings via video chat or email
  • Not all psychics offer both call and text readings

When you look for a way more private to get psychic readings, California Psychics provides their readings over the phone. They have many advisors with relevant subspecialties for selection, from love advice to life path predictions.

By accessing to the home page, you’ll find a number of free articles and resources where you can learn more about the realm of spirituality. In addition, sign up as a new member and you will receive the free daily horoscope for your zodiac sign. Not only that, you can also ask one question about whatever in your mind and get an instant answer for free.

California Psychics divides the pricing of their services into 3 stages: Popular ($1/min.), Preferred ($2/min.), and Premium ($4/min.) Simply pick one package and they will connect you with one best available psychic reader.

Is there any special offer at California Psychics?

For new clients, the starting price of your first reading is low (only $1/min.) In case you seek more popular and experienced readers, then the price will be higher (up to $8.50/min.)

In general, California Psychics is one of the few sites online holding many positive reviews so far. Believe it or not, this psychic network has delivered over 9 million psychic readings for clients around the globe. These numbers may surprise you but also prove that this is an outstanding platform for getting spiritual guidance and advice.

Contact California Psychics NOW

Hotline: +1-866-552-3943

FAQs about Free Psychic Reading (New Update..!)

1. What is free psychic chat?

In case you’re new to the psychic reading realm, this is a common question.

Wondering what a psychic chat reading is? According to professionals, this kind of spiritual session is performed by a gifted psychic. By tuning into your energy, they can shed light on different aspects of your life and give you a glimpse of your future. A true psychic is born with extraordinary abilities and likes to use that to help vulnerable individuals.

Their genuine guidance can comfort you and provide clarity assisting you in solving problems and making right decisions.

These days, many psychic networks offer free psychic chat as a way to test the quality and authority of psychic readers particularly. If you want to gain the most throughout your spiritual journey, don’t miss out free psychic reading trials.

Try accurate readings with 3 FREE minutes for new clients!

2. Is absolutely free psychic reading trustworthy?

Many often ask, “Can I trust a free psychic reading?”

When it comes to trusting free psychic readings, it can be difficult. With just a quick search, you can easily see that there are plenty of websites claiming to offer the same thing. Because of that, it’s hard to know exactly which sites are reliable and which sites are not.

Fortunately, you’re still able to find trusted psychic networks that receive good testimonials from clients in the past. Before planning to get an absolutely free psychic reading, make sure you research each psychic’s abilities carefully. The key to encounter a legit, trustworthy advisor is to check the ratings and read all the reviews in their profile pages as well.

By getting a free psychic reading trial, you can interact with your chosen reader closely and test their real abilities. Once you’re sure they are the right fit for you, don’t hesitate to ask for a full-length psychic experience.

Pick a psychic and have a low-pricing reading: only $1/min.

3. What to expect from 100% free psychic readings?

What should you expect from a free reading?

Unlike other places where simply give you the general answer for all kinds of free readings, Kasamba and California Psychics will deliver different answers depending on your questions. What is bothering you? What issue you want to get out of it? If you’re having a list of burning questions that you wish to get clarity, sign up for one free psychic reading now.

Go with the matter you truly need to figure out, and your chosen psychic will come up with the answer you’re yearning for. All spiritual advisors from two networks above are well-experienced and talented. Talking to them will give you a glimpse into your current situation and future ahead.

To be honest, you hardly find 100% free psychic readings from any places because most gifted psychics need to earn for living. In case you see some sites claiming psychic services for absolutely free, be carefully…it could be a scam.

Be open-minded and truthful with your psychic.

4. How long will a free psychic reading be?

Typically, free psychic readings no credit card never exceed 20 minutes. The majority of psychic sites offer free trials ranging from 3-20 minutes and can be conducted in different ways (online chat, phone, email, etc.)

When running out of free minutes, you can ask for a paid reading.

In-depth psychic readings are in full length but vary in duration. It depends on the problem or question that you’ve asked. For example, a 3-card Tarot reading charged can be shorter than a life path prediction session. In short, the length of a psychic reading is based on things you’re questioning about.

The good thing about quick psychic chat readings is that you get the needed ideas for what to expect only. Sometimes you don’t have enough time for all the details. Hence, shorter sessions give you enough time interact more and strengthen the connection with your psychic reader. Once the bond between the two of you stronger, further psychic readings will give better results.

5. How to select the right psychic?

No worry, even if this is your first time with this realm.

To those planning to have the very first psychic reading, picking an advisor can be a challenge. The first reason is that each site offers a large selection of authentic psychics to choose from. In order to gain the most of your reading, it’s necessary to get advised by the person who can handle your situation.

  • Are you in need of a love spell?
  • Do you want a quick answer from free Tarot readings?
  • Do you need your aura to be cleansed?

Whatever your issue is, you must be determined beforehand. Choose the prioritized problem that you want to be solved first. Once making the decision, you then can choose a psychic specializing in the area that you’re seeking.

Mentioned earlier, testimonials online are significant. No matter which site you visit for free psychic reading, never ignore reading the reviews given by previous clients for each psychic’s ability and authenticity. If they were happy with their experience or found solutions for their circumstances, there is a greater chance that you will achieve good results too.

The key to fulfill your quest to the spiritual truth is testimonials.

6. How to prepare for free psychic readings no credit card?

Some tell me if it’s really necessary to prepare for a psychic reading online. What to prepare when all you need is to access the website and contact a psychic reader, or to make them a call? Actually, whether it’s in person or through online, you NEED to have a good preparation for the session happening smoothly.

First, choose the location. The environment surrounding you is important as it affects your energy and aura. Look for somewhere making you feel most comfortable in. For instance, if you think about getting a free psychic love reading email, go sit in a room or any place in which you feel safe, relaxed, and free to open up about your story with your psychic.

To keep your mind calmer, it’s a great idea to light up some scented candles. They can set up a relaxed tone allowing you to talk about your personal matters with ease. Don’t let anyone disturb or enter the place where you are staying in during the session. I suggest turning off the phone to avoid outer distractions.

7. How to get in touch with online psychics?

Here are a few popular ways to connect with online psychics at some best psychic reading sites:

  • Online chat sessions
  • Real-time video calls
  • Phone readings
  • Email readings

There are a couple of places having Facebook psychic consultations, though it’s not much.

In the modern days, phone readings slowly rule over the Internet and become the option favored the most by customers. Different from live video readings, you won’t be in face-to-face conversations with the online psychic; instead, you can only hear their voice. For people who want a more private session than online chat, phone readings are a good option.

Most online psychic reading sites require you to register a free account before getting a psychic reading. In some networks, you have to add credit card or PayPal information while signing up. Therefore, make sure to read introductory offers as well as terms carefully.

A free trial usually lasts just a few minutes, and not all sites offer free minutes.

Legit psychics will inform you some ways to get in touch with them after the session finishes. If you’re dissatisfied, they will come up with refund options based on the networks’ policy.

8. Where to get free psychic love reading email?

You can get a free psychic love reading email at Kasamba from today.

Aside from online chat and phone readings, you can consult Kasamba psychic advisors about love relationships via email. For new clients, your introductory offer is to send a question to the expert you get drawn to.

Within 48 hours, they will reply with a general answer for your situation. If you feel curious to learn more details, contact them again through the homepage and ask for an in-depth reading.

How Many Types of Psychic Readings?

It’s good if you know exactly what you are looking for before seeing an online psychic. In case you don’t, then it’s a must to learn about types of psychic readings. Once understanding the differences between them, you can make a wise decision for your pressing situation.

Psychics will tap into your energy using their intuition. They have different ways to convey their readings and answer your questions as well. Sometimes they tend to take advantages of a variety of skills and tools to enhance the accuracy of their sessions.

Check out these types of psychic services below:

1. Love readings

Love is a hot topic; therefore, love readings are commonly requested because many people find themselves vulnerable in relationships. Some want the psychic to give them insights about the love of their life, some want to know if they will get married to the person they’re in love with, and some look for solutions for their heart matters.

By talking to the right love psychic and having your problems solved successfully, your love life will change and get better.

2. Tarot readings

Another popular choice is tarot readings.

Tarot cards are a reliable divination tool in predicting the future and giving insightful guidance due to the long-standing history. For centuries, they’ve been used in different circumstances. When it comes to finding the answers to important questions in life, tarot has helped millions of people worldwide. This method has been proven to be accurate and beneficial.

If you seek the assistance of a tarot reading, be open-minded with your chosen tarot cards. They will provide a vision of your current situation and how your decisions at this point can affect your future.

3. Mediums

For those who need to get connected with spirits from the other world, all you need is a session with a professional medium. Not only people who departed from this life, they can channel their energy spiritually and provide you personal guides as well as messages from guardian angels.

4. Clairvoyant readings

Next, you’ll get introduced to a type of psychic reading in which you can work with a clairvoyant. With their gifted ability, clairvoyants are capable of connecting you with your deceased loved one through all the symbols and visions they see.

Furthermore, they also can deliver messages of comfort and love from people of this physical world to those in the afterlife.

Talking to the ‘clair’ ability, there are indeed 6 types of clairs. Depending on any particular circumstance, each type can answer questions and offer profound insights associated to it.

  • Clairvoyants: Enabling to see visions and symbols
  • Clairsentients: Enabling to feel deepest emotions of others
  • Clairaudients: Enabling to hear voices or sounds from the other world
  • Claircognizance: Enabling to realize things that don’t happen normally
  • Clairalience: Enabling to smell scents of spirits
  • Clairgustance: Enabling to taste something that is not present, like the favorite food of someone passed away

5. Astrology readings

This kind of reading will use astrology to give you more clarity about your future.

In order to know what is awaiting you ahead, astrologers will come up with the birth chart based on your date and time of birth. While analyzing the chart, they figure out the transition and position of planets on the moment you were born. Then, they compare these to the planets’ current and future placement to provide you predictions about events and opportunities in your life.

Keep in mind that you can’t ask for 100% of accuracy from astrologers because future isn’t set in stone.

To individuals signing up for in-depth horoscope readings, you will receive an extra level of foresight about the future from psychic astrologers.

6. Numerology readings

With a numerology reading, the numerologist will ask for your full name and date of birth. After that, they will do the calculation to find your key numbers. That number will reveal lots of things about you, from your personality, your talents, your strengths and weaknesses, to your life path.

The psychic often makes use of numerology to lead your through any difficulties or issues that you are dealing with recently. The key numbers and their meanings play a significant role in changing your life positively.

7. Intuitive psychics and empaths

If you are curious about future events, contact an intuitive psychic for insights. By tuning into your energy, they will reveal upcoming things possibly happening in your life. Have a consultation with a psychic and you can understand the circumstance you are facing better.

On the other hand, empaths are in charge of connecting to your emotions. They can sense and read you emotions; moreover, they are also capable of reading feelings of those getting involved to your situation. People often look for the help of empaths when they want to clear negative energy.

It’s good to talk to intuitive psychics if you have questions related to the future, while empaths can assist you in coping with concerns about the present.

Both intuitive psychics and empaths conduct their reading sessions using their own feelings and instincts.

Overall, no matter what type of free psychic reading you’re in need of, make sure to figure out what you really want to know and to research carefully beforehand.

5 Tips for a Good Psychic Reading Online

Want to gain the most of your psychic reading?

Don’t miss out these great tips:

Maintaining an open mind

If you plan for getting a psychic reading, then the first thing to do is to open up to all spirituality ideas. The psychic has a hard time to tap into your aura and give you insights if you keep closing your mind during the reading session. For a genuine experience, please stay open-minded and stop yourself from making negative judgments.

Relax and see where the reading will take you.

Being honest

The next tip is also important if you want a successful reading. When a psychic asks you something, you need to answer their questions honestly and truthfully. In fact, some have a pro blem in opening with their psychics. It’s understandable that because they think psychics are not close to them on a personal level.

However, if you don’t open up with your psychic, then the reading can’t process smoothly. They can’t look into their situation or interpret your future unless you answer their questions truthfully.

They will guide you to find what you’re looking for as long as you stay honest throughout the reading.

Not giving too much information

Yes, don’t give away many details if they don’t ask.

An authentic psychic won’t ask much, keep in mind. You can tell them what questions you want to be answered so that they can come up with a corresponding psychic reading. Nevertheless, never tell them everything about yourself without getting asked.

It’s the psychic advisor’s job to learn about you and your circumstance. Therefore, only tell them things they ask you. In case they keep asking some basic things, then you should be suspicious because they may be a scam artist.

Trusting in your psychic reader

I must say it’s difficult to trust someone whom you just met for the first time. Despite of that, it’s essential to show trust in your reader when it comes to psychic readings. They are the one interacting with you on a personal level; hence, they can’t create a connection with you if you don’t trust them.

For a more reliable and trustworthy reading, you should be more at ease and comfortable.

Having a good preparation

Before getting a psychic reading online, make sure to have your questions ready.

Whatever it is that you need to find out, list all down in a paper. When seeing the psychic, simply show them your list of the questions. That won’t cause any interruption to the process; in addition, they can quickly tell what matters you want to find answers to and perform an effective reading.

Final Words

In general, psychic readings are the ultimate choice for finding answers and comfort in your current situation. Rather than keeping all the concerns to yourself, simply talk to a psychic and you will receive quick, immediate solutions in return. Their guidance can give you clarity and peace of mind.

Have you consulted an online psychic before?

What was your free psychic reading experience like?

If you haven’t tried this, then get a psychic reading now and have your pressing questions answered.

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