A big benefit of self-care is the boost it can provide, especially during the hectic fall and winter seasons, says Lisa Quinto, massage therapist and founder of Mukilteo’s Be Well Massage Skin Care Spa.

A big benefit of self-care is the boost it can provide, especially during the hectic fall and winter seasons, says Lisa Quinto, massage therapist and founder of Mukilteo’s Be Well Massage Skin Care Spa.

5 reasons to put YOU at the top of your to-do list

Caring for ourselves is key this time of year

There’s a certain irony that our happy, but hectic, holiday season arrives at the same time as cold and flu season. Add to that family demands of work, school and extracurricular activities, and it’s no wonder self-care often falls to the bottom of our to-do list.

Here’s why it shouldn’t.

“I really like to call it ‘health care,’ not ‘self-care,’” explains. Lisa leads a diverse team of professionals, including massage therapists, Dr. Cris Angel, who specializes in Eastern medicine and laser acupuncture, and talented estheticians. There’s also meditation and health and wellness coaching.

  1. Rethinking holistic care – Health care isn’t only about prescriptions. “Massage therapy is a form of health care; skin care is a form of health care; we also have an Eastern medicine physician in Dr. Angel,” Lisa says.
  2. A boost for your immunity – “One of the biggest benefits of self-care is the boost to your immune system it provides,” she adds. That can help you ward off those fall and winter bugs – especially when we get run down – and reduce trips to the doctor’s office.
  3. Time to re-charge – “When you go to a traditional health care provider like a doctor or nurse practitioner, you might see them for 15 minutes at most. With us, you spend 30 minutes to two hours, depending on your treatment,” Lisa notes. And with Be Well open daily, finding time that works with your schedule is easy. “The time spent on yourself will pay you back with increased productivity, better sleep, a stronger immune system and improved mental health.”

  4. Time to try something new – When we get busy, it’s easy to fall into a familiar routine, but holistic care – care for the entire body – may offer new options you haven’t tried before. The infra-red sauna offers more than relaxation, for example; helping your body release toxins, clients enjoy the heat for pain relief, skin purification and more. Or try adding meditation (Be Well even offers a free introductory session to get you started!). “When you meditate on a regular basis, it’s like rebooting the brain,” Lisa says.
  5. A personal guide for your goals – If the idea of adding more to an already-full calendar seems overwhelming, consider health and wellness coaching. Like a sports coach guides an athlete in their quest for success, a wellness coach can help you identify your goals – everything from better sleep to weight loss – and guide you on the road to success. They’re also a useful accountability partner! “When you can get your subconscious to work for you, you can achieve all kinds of amazing things.”


Be Well Massage Skin Care Spa offers special packages and several flexible membership options. Learn more at bewellmassage.net or call 425-381-3866 today to book your appointment.

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