Established in 2014, the friendly, family-owned CannaBlyss, in Lake Stevens has earned a reputation for providing high-quality cannabis and exceptional customer service.

Established in 2014, the friendly, family-owned CannaBlyss, in Lake Stevens has earned a reputation for providing high-quality cannabis and exceptional customer service.

5 ways to foster a positive cannabis shopping experience

Local pros share what you need to know

“This is the kind of store I want to shop at. The ownership and staff are very friendly and inviting, and make everyone feel like family.”

It’s a message the CannaBlyss team hears time and time again.

In fact, it’s their very commitment to providing an accessible, knowledgeable atmosphere for their clients that earned them recognition as No. 1 cannabis shop in Snohomish County two years in a row!

“We went in not sure what to expect, but the lady at the counter was amazing,” wrote another customer. “She was more knowledgeable about the product than other dispensaries have been. Kudos for great customer service.”

Established in 2014, the friendly, family-owned business in Lake Stevens, Wa. is dedicated to bringing high quality cannabis to Snohomish County.

“Our staff and their approach to the customers is reason we’ve been so successful,” explains owner Denise Evans. “They build such great relationships with our customers.”

Here’s how:

  1. If you’re unsure, ask: Whether you’re a newcomer to cannabis or simply want to try something new, don’t be afraid to ask, Evans emphasizes. With its homey feel, a comfortable setting has been key to creating that inviting atmosphere customers appreciate. “We’re not fancy, but we provide amazing customer service,” Evans says.
  2. What effect do you want? Among the biggest surprises for newcomers, or those returning to cannabis after years away, is the huge variety available, depending on the effect you’re trying to achieve. While Indica is more relaxing, for example, Sativa is more uplifting; others varieties blend the two.

    Because CannaBlyss is well-organized into different types of product, take time to get to know the store, and talk to a budtender about your experience and goals. “You’re the reason we’re here and we want you to have a good experience,” Evans says.

  3. Are you looking for medicinal options? “We get excited to hear how our products have helped them, or a parent. It’s extraordinary how it helps,” Evans says. Several CannaBlyss staff members are specifically trained in the medicinal products, including those that can provide relief without the “high” associated with recreational cannabis.
  4. Ask for ideas: Looking for something new? Many enjoy browsing the House Brands section for something new and recommended. “We’re finding customers are really liking that,” Evans says. You can also explore ahead of time with the online menu. And be sure to become part of the CannaFam to receive alerts about new products.
  5. Share your opinion: While ongoing education is key for the CannaBlyss team, so too is soliciting feedback from customers. Not everyone responds to products the same, so your feedback helps expand their product knowledge. “We like to hire people who understand the product, but even more important is someone who is willing to learn,” Evans notes.

Visit CannaBlyss at 2705 Hartford Dr., Lake Stevens or visit online at

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