Asian Mail Order Brides: Find Your Ideal Asian Wife Online

There are probably no other group of women in the world that attract as much attention from Western gentlemen as Asian mail order brides. Asian ladies were the ones who started the whole mail order bride craze, and they continue to be some of the world’s most coveted women for marriage. They might seem somewhat enigmatic, but we are here to tell you all about mail order brides. And when you first meet an Asian girl and experience all of her charm in person, you will instantly understand why beautiful Asian women for marriage are so popular.

Best dating sites to find Asian women online

The good news is that getting an Asian wife is now easier than ever, and you don’t even need to go to a foreign country to make it happen. Instead, you can simply visit the site of your choice and see thousands of mail order brides from any Asian country who want to marry Western guys. There are some tried and tested dating sites with single Asian girls, and here are the top 5 for you to check out.

  • EasternHoneysGet 20 credits free after registration. • This is an international dating site where you can find a girlfriend from any Asia. EasternHoneys has a profile verification feature, so you always know who you are talking to.
  • AsianMelodiesGet 10 credits free if confirmed by mail. • It is popular Asian dating site, especially among men who are interested in dating Asian girl. This site has plenty of innovative features for you to communicate with your potential girlfriend.
  • CuteAsianWomanGet 2 Free Chat Vouchers after registration. • This is a site that genuinely cares about the success of its members. It has a few important security mechanisms in place and checks every woman’s profile for authenticity. CuteAsianWoman also has several unique communication features.
  • DateNiceAsian2 Free Say Hi greeting vouchers after registration. • It is a place where you can become the center of attention for single Asian ladies looking for an ideal partner. The women there actively reach out to men and don’t play hard to get.
  • DateAsianWomanGet 1 month FREE Premium Membership. • The variety of hot Asian women on online dating platforms is usually huge, but DateAsianWoman has an innovative way of helping you find oriental brides by offering a matchmaking feature. You can just visit site and get new matches every day.
  • Asia MeGet 15 to 60 bonus points according to the completed profile elements. • It is a dating service with a strong reputation and a desire to help every member meet their ideal partner. It’s equally popular with Asian mail order brides and Western guys, so the possibility of a match is fairly big.


Asian mail order brides characteristics

Females from Asian countries are well-known for their captivating natural beauty, sensuality, and devotion. Owing to their upbringing, beautiful Asian mail order brides will make foreign husband very happy. They were raised in a traditional manner, that’s why they tend to become ideal wives and mothers.

Traditional values

Asian girls are used to working and raising kids because this tradition deeply lays in their roots. Nonetheless, even in modern families, you see that man plays the leading role and its normal for Asian wives.

Astonishing beauty

If you arrive in Asia, you will notice a cult of attractiveness here. Choose Asian lady if you like fit bodies and tender look and you will never regret it. They are a unique mix of childishly cute behavior and stunning beauty. Long, shiny and healthy-look hair also attracts men. The genetic roots of the Asian brides and the efforts of the local women play for their super look since their hair is really incredible.

They are great chefs

Females in Asia know it because they are taught from childhood to help their mothers and grandmothers in the kitchen. They know all the secrets of how to make a dish as healthy as it is delicious. Asian women appreciate healthy food and that is one of the keys to their beauty. They made their delicious dishes from only natural and organic ingredients. You can be certain that your Asian mail order wife won’t get tired to impress you with her masterful cooking skills every day.

How do American men can find pretty Asian brides?

With internet technologies, there is no need to move to Asia to interact with its local girls. You can get acquainted with them in the comfort of your home, just using your computer or even a mobile device. All you have to do is:

  • Find a trustworthy site with Asian online brides;
  • Register and create the profile;
  • Choose a membership package (optionally);
  • Take your time, search, and chat;
  • Meet your beloved in offline.

Bear in mind please that you both are thousands of miles away, one of you will have to cover this distance in order to meet. It will be better if it is you who travels — not only because you are the gentleman, but also because visa arrangements are much more entangled for your Asian mail order bride than they are for you, especially if you are a citizen in the USA.

Asian brides cost: A detailed explanation

Let’s start with the fact that you cannot actually order Asian bride to be delivered to your home. The process of getting a wife from Asia is more complex than that and involves both effort and money from you. These are the two types of expenses you will need to cover.

Online expenses

Using a dating service is typically affordable, but it’s not free. You will either need to pay for a Premium membership or additional communication features, although some sites use a combination of both. You can also send gifts and flowers to the women regardless of the distance. On average, you will spend around $100 per month on your online dating experience.

Offline expenses

Here you will need to pay for visiting your bride in her home country. This includes:

  • Plane tickets
  • Accommodations
  • Food
  • Transportation
  • Entertainment
  • Gifts for the bride and her family
  • Translation services

On average, a 14-day visit to an Asian state to meet your bride will cost you from $2,000 to $5,000.

Asian brides legal aspects: Get a mail order Asian wife legally

The important thing to know here is that marriage to an Asian mail order bride is absolutely legal and recognized by the US government, but on a few conditions. Generally, getting an Asian wife will require you to go through more steps than marrying an American woman, but if you are rightfully convinced that Asian singles make the best wives, then you probably won’t mind taking the extra few steps. Here are the two options to get a wife from Asia.

Consular processing

With this procedure, you can get married in any Asian country with a US consulate or embassy. After the wedding, you need to file an application to give your new wife a green card. You will need to do the following when applying:

  • File Forms I-130 and DS-160
  • Complete a medical exam
  • Go through an interview at the consulate

After fulfilling the requirements, you will need to go back to the US and receive the green card for your wife.

K-1 visa

There are now so many hot Asian women and ladies from other foreign countries marrying American guys that a special type of visa is now specifically for these marriages. This is the ideal option if your bride is from China, Thailand, Japan, or other Asian countries and wants to get married in the US, which means you need to get your Asian bride into your country legally.

To get a K-1 visa, also known as a fiancée visa, you need to file Form I-485, supply the biometrics and sometimes complete an interview. Another requirement to get the visa is to meet your bride in person at least once over the last two years. If you do everything right, your bride will be able to legally come to the United States and marry you within 90 days.

Popular countries for Asian mail order brides: The top 5

These days, you can meet hot Asian women from literally any place on the continent, including Armenia, Singapore, Laos, and other Asian nations. However, some Asian countries are still more popular than other among foreign men looking for love with pretty Asian bride. Here are the top 5 destinations to consider if you want to meet Asian girls.


Korea—specifically, South Korea—is one of the most popular places for meeting an Asian bride. South Korean brides are smart and ambitious, but they also embody classic Asian beauty standards. Compared to other Asian states, South Korea is also rather Westernized, so the women there will likely speak English on a decent level and share your tastes in culture and views on the world.


Western men sometimes talk about the Asian soul, which is the combination of several qualities such as wisdom, kindness, and compassion. If that’s something you also want to see in your future wife, you can’t go wrong with a Filipino bride. The Philippines is a relatively poor country, but women there have a strong spirit, a desire to start a family, and a lot of natural beauty.


Vietnam is known for having underrated travel locations, one of the most delicious Asian cuisines, and some of Asia’s most gorgeous and devoted women. When you marry a Vietnamese bride, you don’t just get a loving wife or a mother for your future kids. You also get a reliable partner who will always have your back and make you feel at ease in any situation.


Western guys often say that they love how Asian girls are smart and resourceful, and women from China are probably the best example of these qualities we can find. Chinese mail order brides can do a lot with a little. They never complain or nag. Instead, they work as hard as men and are proud of making an equal contribution to the household, both financially and otherwise.


Thailand is one of the most popular countries among Western tourists, so there is a chance you’re not a stranger to Thai brides and have witnessed their beautiful features and petite stature in person. However, their physique is not the only reason why they are perfect for serious relationships. They are also loyal, easy-going, and respectful while also being confident and self-sufficient.


Why should you look for Asian women for marriage online?

Compared to traditional dating, looking for Asian mail order wives on dating platforms has a few benefits:

  • It’s convenient, as you don’t need to leave your desk or couch to talk to women.
  • It’s effective — thousands of men before you successfully married beautiful Asian women this way.
  • It’s affordable — until it’s time to meet your Asian bride, you only spend money on being a member of the site.
  • It allows you to set your own relationship terms and quit at any time.
  • It introduces you to some of the most eligible Asian brides who truly want to be with foreign men.

Meet Asian ladies online can give you a lot of memorable and fun moments and help you get closer to your end goal of meeting Asian women. However, many Asian mail order bride services are not created equal. While some dating websites are genuinely interested in your success, other online dating sites simply want to take your money and don’t really care where you have a good online dating experience.

Top 5 features to look for in the best Asian women dating site

There are now dozens of mail order bride sites offering you a chance to have a romantic affair or even serious relationships with Asian ladies. Thousands of single Asian women from different countries in Asia use these sites to meet foreign guys and potentially move abroad for marriage. When you visit a site you’ve picked, you should expect a positive and safe experience. Selecting the right platform for your needs is not the easiest thing in the world, simply because there are so many mail order sites. Here are the five key features to look for on the best Asian dating sites with mail order Asian brides.

Online communication options

Everyone’s dating style is different, and it’s even more true when you are dating Asian women online. Since you don’t get to express your feelings the way you would with real-life dating, such as holding hands or using body language, it’s important to have a complete variety of communication features when you visit sites to meet Asian mail order wives. Only then you can expect your communication with an Asian girlfriend to be meaningful and effective.

When you visit a site with single women from Asian countries and only see letters as a contact option, it may be challenging to make the right impression and give a perfect start to your relationship. These are a few online communication options you should expect on sites with mail order brides from Asia:

  • Chats
  • Video chats
  • Photo and video exchange
  • Virtual gifts
  • Translation services
  • Gift and flower delivery
  • Voice calls

Mobile functionality

Popular dating services are constantly improving themselves, and we’ve come to expect outstanding designs and clear interfaces. However, many platforms treat their mobile presence as an afterthought. As a result, you can barely use the site on a smartphone or tablet. And we don’t need to explain the importance of having a good mobile version of the site, as millions of people use their mobile devices to meet Asian women.

A good dating service will always have a mobile version of the website that is both good-looking and functional. Some sites go one step further and even develop an independent mobile app. This is an even better option than a site—you get to take your communication with the women anywhere, your chats are securely stored inside the app, and you only need access to the internet to talk to Japanese women, Korean women, Filipino women, Chinese girls, or any other kind of mail order Asian brides.

Profile verification

One of the most common scams on dating services is creating fake profiles and attempting to take advantage of single men by asking them for money or even stealing their personal information. The scammer will create an account as a cute Asian girl and will reach out to men. These hot Asian woman online profiles are typically incredibly active and can do a pretty good job of making you think that you’re talking to a real Asian woman beauty.

This is why many online dating services now have profile verification systems for Asian girls. The girl creates her profile on an Asian dating platform and then verifies her identity by providing a photo with her government ID, although there are other verification methods used by different sites. The Asian woman is then given a special profile badge, and when you talk to a beautiful Asian lady who has been verified, the possibility of a scam becomes significantly lower.

Customer support

Whether you are the most experienced online dating user in the world or you are taking your first steps in the world of internet dating, it’s essential to know that there is someone who can help you when you run into any difficulties. In other words, you can see when a dating service is good when it has a dedicated customer support system that is available to every member, preferably through multiple channels and at all times.


Online dating is not a brand-new industry. Some services have been around for more than a decade, and they have thousands of current and former members who were either satisfied or disappointed by their experience. You can find out a lot about mail order bride services simply by checking out the kind of reputation they have online, either with the help of reviews or by looking for reputable blogs that write about dating.

Asian brides: frequently asked questions

Why do Asian ladies become mail order brides?

The question of why there are so many mail order Asian brides is a very complex one. In short, it’s a combination of several factors. First, Asian girls are undeniably attracted to Western men. Second, they are not satisfied by the dating scene in their home country and often find Asian men too controlling, unable to commit, or lack ambitions. Third, women from many Asian nations see a foreign husband as a way to achieve a better life in the better part of the modern world. In other words, it’s a win-win situation both for the Asian mail order bride and the lucky guy who will marry her.

How long does it take to find an Asian wife?

Every man’s experience is different. Some manage to find their ideal Asian mail order wife within just a few days on a dating platform, while others have to spend months or even years looking for Asian wives. On average, Western guys require a couple of months to find a foreign bride they feel a connection to. Then it can take from 6 to 12 months of online dating to make sure they are a good match for each other. So you can expect to spend around a year finding your perfect Asian bride.

Are there any guarantees that I will find Asian bride?

No one can give you any guarantees, and your success with single Asian ladies depends on numerous factors, such as the site you chose to find Asian brides, your personal dating style, and even your luck. That is why you shouldn’t expect anyone to find you an Asian mail order wife and should instead do all the work it takes to meet your partner and build a happy family.

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