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Best Delta-8-THC Tinctures: Top Brands Reviewed for 2021

Delta-8-THC is the next big thing on the cannabis market, surpassing even CBD in terms of popularity. This cannabinoid owes its newly found fame mostly to the mild psychoactive effects. However, since delta-8 is so popular these days, a lot of manufacturers are trying to profit by selling low-quality delta-8-THC products.

Finding reliable delta-8-THC tinctures can be harder than you might think, especially in this thriving market. According to, the factors that influence the quality of delta-8 extract are far more complex than with other CBD products. In order to turn CBD into delta-8, thus making their product federally legal, manufacturers must use expensive equipment and potentially dangerous chemicals.

In this article, we’ll go over our top picks for the best delta-8 THC tincture and give you a comprehensive guide for choosing one.

Top 3 Delta-8-THC Tinctures for 2021

On the lively and loosely regulated delta-8 THC market, transparency makes all the difference. After all, a company that is not open about its production process usually has something to hide. In fact, a lot of companies will use cheap ingredients or inadequate extraction methods to cut costs. In turn, you are left with an ineffective and potentially dangerous product.

And although you might think you know better than to be fooled by one such company, it’s good to have some help by your side. That’s exactly what we are here for. Hopefully, our list of the best delta-8-THC tinctures will help you make the right choice.

Before we get to the list, it’s important to mention the criteria we’ve used to make it. First of all, we’ve examined third-party lab certificates that specify the potency and purity of a product. Secondly, we’ve taken the time to read through hundreds of customer reviews and testimonials from various websites. Finally, we tried to find anything else that could influence the user experience, such as shipping time, return policies, or loyalty programs.

This detailed analysis brought us to three delta-8-THC tincture manufacturers that you can commit to without hesitation:

  • Area52
  • Finest Labs
  • Delta 8 Pro

1. Area52


Area52 specializes in making high-quality delta-8-THC products from organic hemp. Although this brand offers delta-8 gummies and vape carts, its best-selling product by far is the delta-8-THC tincture.

A bottle of the Area52 delta-8-THC tincture contains 1,200 mg of pure delta-8 THC (40 mg per serving), making it the most potent product on our list. This extract is enriched with a mixture of terpenes that can promote relaxation while giving it an amazing vanilla aftertaste. Furthermore, it’s sweetened with stevia, meaning you can enjoy your delta-8-THC without consuming any extra calories.

In terms of transparency, Area52 is ahead of the game. Namely, every single one of its product batches comes with a third-party lab certificate. You will get this certificate with your order, but you can also go to the Area52 website and find it there.

2. Finest Labs


If the previous product is a bit too strong for you, Finest Labs might have exactly what you need. Their tinctures pack around 500 mg of delta-8-THC per bottle, making them perfect for beginners or experienced users wanting to microdose.

Finest Labs sells all-natural, high-quality tinctures at more than affordable prices. They are recently recognized as one of the best Delta 8 brands by Observer. Therefore, if you want to give delta-8-THC a try for the first time, we strongly recommend going with Finest Labs and their incredible tinctures.

3. Delta 8 Pro


Delta 8 Pro is a veteran of the cannabis industry with a tradition that lasts for over 13 years. At first, this brand was selling CBD products. However, seeing the opportunity to provide something of value on the booming market, Delta 8 Pro shifted its focus to delta-8-THC products.

Delta 8 Pro tincture packs as much as 3,000 mg of delta-8 per bottle. Furthermore, unlike other products from this list, this extract also contains 600 mg of each CBN and CBG. And both of these cannabinoids come with a unique set of benefits. CBN is used mostly for its sedating effects, whereas CBG could increase the effectiveness of other cannabinoids while fighting inflammation.

Thanks to CBN and its sedative-like properties, Delta 8 Pro oil could act as a great sleep aid. However, exactly because of these properties you should avoid taking Delta 8 Pro during the day or while driving.

What Is Delta-8-THC?

Delta-8-THC (Delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol) is a type of THC closely related to delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, a compound that gives marijuana its intoxicating properties. To be more precise, these two compounds have a similar molecular structure, but they differ in the way their atoms are arranged.

This minor arrangement difference makes delta-8-THC far less stimulating than delta-9. In addition, the delta-8 strain doesn’t trigger paranoia or anxiety that often accompany delta-9-THC. That makes delta-8 perfect if you are avoiding marijuana because of the above-mentioned side effects.

Since delta-8-THC is not synthesized naturally, extracting sufficient amounts of this compound was practically impossible in the past. However, the evolution of extraction technologies made the production of delta-8-THC easy and widely available.

Oddly enough, you don’t even need marijuana to create delta-8, since it can just as easily be extracted from hemp. As you might already know, THC content in hemp is trivial at around 0.1%. However, scientists have found a way to convert CBD into delta-9-THC and then into delta-8-THC.

Needless to say, this process is extremely challenging and requires expensive equipment and highly skilled lab workers.

Does Delta-8-THC Get You High?

As we’ve mentioned, delta-8-THC is not as potent as its delta-9 counterpart. That being said, it can still get you intoxicated. Furthermore, getting high with delta-8 will prevent some of the more common side effects of delta-9 from occurring.

Namely, anxiety and paranoia that come with every bad trip could become a thing of the past. Furthermore, delta-8 will give you a smoother, calmer buzz. It could make you functional while making your highs more enjoyable. So, it comes as no surprise that more and more people are giving delta-8-THC a try.

What Are Delta-8-THC Tinctures?

Delta-8 THC tinctures share some similarities with CBD tinctures. Namely, both of these compounds are fat-soluble, so they need to be mixed with a carrier oil to become fully effective. However, these two tinctures have entirely different cannabinoid profiles.

How to Use Delta-8-THC Tinctures

Delta-8-THC tinctures usually come with dropper caps which will make both dosing and administering D8 almost effortless. The route of administration of these tinctures is the same as that of CBD ones. All you need to do is place it under your tongue and wait for about a minute.

How Long Does It Take for the Effects to Kick In?

With delta-8-THC, patience is the name of the game. After ingesting your dose of a delta-8 tincture, you’ll have to wait for more than an hour for it to take effect. It’s not clear why this delay occurs, but we’re sure it will be addressed in the near future.

Notes and Warnings

  • Avoid driving or operating heavy machinery while under the influence of delta-8 THC.
  • Although hemp-derived products are legal on the federal level, check your local regulation before ordering any THC products.
  • Delta-8 and other cannabinoids can interact with some medications. Consult your doctor before you start using D8 tinctures.
  • The legal age to purchase and consume delta-8 tinctures is 21 years old.
  • Avoid delta-8-THC if you have an upcoming drug test.
  • Store your tincture in a cool, dry, and dark place. Exposure to heat and light can cause delta-8 THC to degrade, while humidity can promote the growth of bacteria and fungi.

Delta-8-THC Dosage

The recommended dosage for D8 varies from person to person. As a rule of thumb, a 10 mg dosage should be enough to produce mild psychoactive effects. On the other hand, even regular users shouldn’t go above 60 mg dose.

The right dosage depends on many different factors, including:

  • weight
  • age
  • sex
  • level of tolerance to THC
  • experience with THC
  • whether you are taking it on a full or empty stomach.

We recommend starting low and gradually increasing the dosage until you hit the one that’s perfect for you. Furthermore, even if your current dosage seems insufficient, do not increase it rapidly as it could lead to some unpleasant side effects.

Can You Build Tolerance to Delta-8-THC?


Tolerance happens when your body no longer responds to a certain substance the way it used to. Therefore, it takes a higher dose of this substance to achieve the same effects that you felt at first. As with any supplement or medication, there is a strong chance that the prolonged usage of delta-8 can cause tolerance.

Furthermore, your body will build a tolerance to D8 much quicker than it would to delta-9 THC. If you use delta-8 tincture every day for a month, you’ll soon find yourself needing double the amount to achieve the same intensity of high.

There are a few things you can do to avoid the tolerance to delta-8-THC. First of all, use the tincture in moderation. You could take higher doses once or twice a week or go with lower doses every other day. Additionally, you might want to consider cycling off D8 for a month or so, allowing your body to reset.

Is Delta-8-THC Dangerous?

According to what we know from previous research, delta-8-THC should be completely safe. Furthermore, it’s even superior to delta-9 in terms of safety, as it doesn’t cause anxiety or paranoia.

However, although the cannabinoid itself isn’t dangerous, the chemicals used to extract it might be. As we’ve mentioned, extracting D8 from hemp requires expensive equipment and lots of skills. This process also involves expensive chemicals that could become harmful if not used correctly. In order to cut costs, some manufacturers will skimp on equipment, employ incompetent workers, and even use cheaper, often dangerous ingredients.

The best way to avoid such malpractices is to find manufacturers with third-party lab certificates. Since hemp products are not regulated by the FDA, this certificate is the only way to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Delta-8-THC Side Effects

The fact that D8 is less potent may explain the absence of some of the major side effects that regular THC produces. However, delta-8 still has some adverse effects, including:

  • Dizziness
  • Sedation
  • Appetite boost
  • Dry mouth
  • Concentration difficulties
  • Motor functions impairment

We should also note that these side effects are less likely to occur if you keep your doses low. In an unlikely event that your side effects get worse, call your doctor or ambulance.

Is Delta-8-THC Legal?

Every year, more and more states across the US are legalizing marijuana for recreational use. However, if you don’t live in one of these states, you must be wondering if you are breaking the law by using delta-8 THC tinctures. We are here to clear things up.

The 2018 Farm Bill made hemp-derived products federally legal as long as they have less than 0.3% of THC. But, this rule only refers to the delta-9 strain of THC, while it fails to mention its less famous counterpart. This loophole opened a door for manufacturers to produce and sell delta-8-THC products without any federal restrictions.

However, we shouldn’t celebrate just yet, since the DEA considers both THC strains illegal. This agency claims that D8 is attained synthetically, and thus prohibited even under the Farm Bill. To complicate things even further, we should mention that current methods of extraction are far from synthetic. So, the argument made by the DEA doesn’t hold.

In conclusion, delta-8-THC tinctures are in a grey area when it comes to legality. Be sure to check your local legislation before purchasing them, even if the company ships to your state.

Delta-8-THC and Drug Test

Almost all drug tests are designed to recognize metabolites of delta-9-THC. However, they aren’t able to differentiate between D9 and D8 THC, as they have the same structure. This means that you will fail a drug test if you’ve used delta-8 recently. Therefore, avoid taking D8 tinctures if you have an upcoming toxicology screening.

How to Pick the Best Delta-8 THC Tincture?


Not all D8 tinctures are created equally. And it’s hard for an inexperienced user to pick a proper tincture on the young and unstandardized market. Furthermore, lots of manufacturers are trying to profit off of this trend by selling low-quality and even harmful products, making the choice even more complex.

Luckily, we are here to help. In order to recognize the best delta-8-THC tincture, we need to take a look at the following criteria:


The first thing you should do when evaluating D8 tincture is to examine the list of ingredients. The best delta-8-THC tincture will have only a few ingredients, the essential ones being delta-8 distillate and carrier oil. Avoid the oils with a bunch of strange and obscure additives and chemicals. Although not all of these additives are necessarily harmful, it’s best to keep things as simple as possible.


The process of extracting delta-8-THC involves nasty chemicals that can cause serious issues if not removed correctly. However, these chemicals can be successfully extracted only by a professional lab worker. Therefore, it’s important to check specifications and certificates for purity.

Third-Party Lab Test

Analyzing the last two criteria would be meaningless without a certificate of analysis from an independent lab. This certificate is definite proof that the product specs are factual. So, manufacturers that fail to provide their customers with this document should be avoided at all costs.

Third-party lab reports will show the potency of your tincture, as well as its cannabinoid profile and purity. Furthermore, some tests might even analyze the ingredients and production process.

Brand Reputation

As a rule of thumb, you should stick with older, reputable brands. Sure, new manufacturers could be as good as the more famous veterans. However, it’s very unlikely that you would be able to recognize a rising star early on. On the other hand, a veteran of the hemp industry with a good reputation and favorable customer reviews will definitely have something of quality to offer.


Typically, delta-8-THC oil should be of a transparently pink hue. But, due to artificial coloring, the proper color of a tincture shouldn’t be the primary indicator of its quality and purity. Still, strong or strange-looking hues of tinctures are massive red flags, and such products should be avoided.


Although we all want to save a few bucks, looking for a cheaper tincture could lead you to some substandard products. Making D8 tinctures requires skillful workers, expensive equipment, and chemicals that are not easy to come by. All of these requirements could cost an arm and leg, so conventional delta-8-THC tinctures will not be as inexpensive as, for example, CBD oils.

Final Thoughts

Delta-8-THC is all the rage in the cannabis world these days. It became a preferable alternative to delta-9-THC, as it provides users with all of the same benefits without inducing anxiety and paranoia. This made D8 extremely popular among cannabis users that are more sensitive to the effects of D9.

The newly-found fame made delta-8 tinctures widely available. However, only a small number of the available products are worth your time and money. After a thorough analysis, we’ve concluded that Area 52, Finest Labs, and Delta 8 Pro offer some of the best D8 tinctures on the market.

However, before ordering any of these products, be sure to consult your doctor. Furthermore, avoid using delta-8 regularly, as your body will build a tolerance to it. Finally, be sure to increase your dosage slowly. If you increase it rapidly, you might suffer from some nasty side effects.

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