Best Online Psychic Reading Services 2021 For Accurate Psychic Readers

Best Online Psychic Reading Services 2021 For Accurate Psychic Readers

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  • Marketplace has reviewed the efficiency of online psychic reading, conducted an in-depth analysis of the best 4 online psychic reading sites to provide unbiased reviews for each. Their able team goes through each reader profile on the website and analyses them for credibility before bringing them to the users.

Psychic reading is not a new concept anymore, however, many are still hesitant towards using the services because of lack of trust. Seeing the benefits people derive from these services, many have started shifting towards trying them. Most websites as well understand this concern and provide various introductory offers to build trust. has been able to come up with the most authentic reviews for psychic reading platforms through the years. Once the users choose this platform to understand the reviews, they do not have to take any extra effort in finding out the pros and cons, as they already list it for them.

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Best Online Psychic Reading Websites based on Accuracy and Customer Satisfaction:



Kasamba has been in this business of connecting users with experts and changes their lives for more than twenty years now. The platform is a house to hundreds of psychic readers who have immense abilities to provide useful insights into the past and the future of a client. The users can get answers to life’s most important questions, which they would never have thought to have an insight for.

Matters like love, relationships, money, career, and success are often complicated, and the problems in these aspects make it look like there is no way out of it. However, psychics at Kasamba specialize in each of these fields and take their job seriously to ensure customer satisfaction.

Users can easily create an account on the portal, and the first step towards finding the best psychic is completed. After this, they can browse through the profiles of various readers. All these profiles contain basic yet crucial information. The specialties, expertise, rates, and few more details are present on each profile, helping the users understand the kind of service they want.

Kasamba considers the fact that the new users are quite hesitant towards taking such services. For the same reason, they roll out many introductory offers for new users and discounts for the existing ones. They provide 70% off on the first reading session along with 3 free minutes. During this time, the users can get an idea of how the service will turn out for them. If they are unsatisfied, they can end the session before the first three minutes are up or continue if they like it by paying as per the psychics’ rates.

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California Psychics


California Psychic is a platform that aims to provide services to people all across the world. They conduct reading sessions through various mediums of call, live and chat. Here, the users have the option of going through and studying the profile of each psychic so that they can make an educated guess about the psychic they think they will like the most.

Users need to create an account with the website, and only then can they start a reading session. The website is very versatile and allows users to use the filter and sort option, wherein they give their specific requirements so that the closest or the exact match displays.

The users of this platform agree that it is more secure and safe than any other professional clinic. The ease of availability and expertise shown by the psychics creates all the difference. All the psychics on this platform are selected after a thorough selection process, wherein their backgrounds and abilities are thoroughly checked.

To promote trust and feeling of loyalty amongst the customers, they provide a discount of 80% for new clients, and the existing ones can use the promo code ADD5 and avail a psychic reading for 5 minutes at no cost. The free timings give some time to the users to think and finally decide if they like the service provided by a particular psychic or not.

Users often worry if psychic readings through online platforms will be effective. However, it is a fact that the medium does not in any way affect the effectiveness of reading. Psychics at California Psychics are tested based on capability, and once they prove their worth, only then are they allowed a profile of their own on the website. This ensures that the readings are effective.

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Psychic Source

Best Online Psychic Reading Services 2021 For Accurate Psychic Readers

Psychic Source is a platform that uses amazing tools and methods to provide useful insights to the customers. They are available online and offer the readings through various mediums like phone, chat, and live. When it comes to face-to-face psychic readings, there are many issues that one needs to overcome. Users need to make time from their busy schedules to meet the other party’s time requirements. They also need to find a way to travel to the distance and spend additional money. Psychic Source puts an end to these problems.

Customer satisfaction is at the top priority. Hence, they have taken special care to ensure that the website is easy to use and straightforward. They also have created an app that supports both android and iOS platforms. There are easy-to-navigate tabs through which the customers can access whatever they want in just one click.

The reader profiles are straight-up uploaded on the website and app likewise, and users can browse through the profiles to understand and have clarity on what they want from a particular psychic. This kind of liberty given to the users is what has created enormous trust amongst the users. To ensure that there is no hesitation amongst the new users to invest in psychic readings, the first three minutes are free for every psychic they choose.

This gives them a lot of options to choose from, and they can decide if they want to continue with a particular psychic or not. If not, they can end the session before the time limit is up, and if yes, they can continue further by paying the fees as charged by the psychic.

Users can also choose a payment method they like. The easiest one, however, is through the website’s wallet. They can add money to their wallets from $10 to $100 and spend it accordingly in the way they like. There are other options as well, including bank transfers, digital wallets, and cards. However, payment through the website’s wallet is safe and hassle-free.

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Keen Psychics


Users may think that they can get out of life’s problems by themselves. However, the psychics at Keen psychic are such experts in the field and care so much about customer satisfaction that they do not want the users to deal with any problems alone. The qualified professionals give the most useful insights into a person’s life through any medium that the user is comfortable with. The mediums are usually called chat and live.

The problem that they eliminate is that of availability. Most people cannot afford to take time during the day for a psychic reading session because of strict work and home commitments. However, this should not be a factor to stop anybody from making their lives more prosperous. Everybody has the right to understand the direction of their life and the purpose.

One of the biggest reasons for the enormous trust users have placed in Keen psychic is that all the psychics are selected only after a rigorous selection process. This ensures that the psychics are not just anybody but a group of people who have a genuine interest in this field and possess the required knowledge and skills.

They want their rates to be affordable so that they can reach a maximum audience. They provide reading for 10 minutes at the cost of $1.99 only. This session can help the users understand what they are paying for and getting into. This can help them decide whether they like that psychic or not.

They have created a database of hundreds of readers with specialized knowledge. All of them are prepared any minute of the day to conduct a session through any mediums. Customers get a lot to choose from, and their session becomes very hassle-free and smooth.

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Can Online Psychic Reading be Trusted?

The following facts will help users instill their trust in a psychic reading.

  • Selection Process

    All the online psychic reading platforms have an extensive selection process in which every applicant is thoroughly screened before selection. In this process, they take special care to check their backgrounds, specialization, expertise, knowledge, and ability. Once the applicants pass the rounds, they are selected to have a profile of their own on any website.

    Even then, they have to make their way up to the top by providing quality services to the users. This rigorous selection process ensures that all the psychics are genuine and can give useful insights into a person’s life.

  • Expertise

    Most psychic reading platforms have now been existing for more than twenty years. In this span, the psychics gain a lot of exposure in this field, as they constantly have to deal with new clients. Every client will have their problems in life for which they are seeking a solution. This makes the psychics ready for any situation or challenges that may come their way.

    Hence, the users should not worry about the quality of online psychic readings, as they are trained and experienced enough.

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  • Specialized Knowledge

    There are few vital aspects in one’s life that make all the changes. Things like love, relationships, money, career, and success are something in which people are bound to get stuck. To come out of it, they can try psychic readings. The readers have studied individual topics, and it becomes their areas of specialization.

    This makes them more efficient in what they are dealing with, and more often than not, the clients always leave satisfied with the service provided to them. And in some cases, if not, there are still various provisions to help them find another psychic of their choice.

  • Aura Connecting

    Psychic reading is an art that uses various tools and methods to draw insights into one’s life. Energy is something that no one can deny. So, it is believed that a particular user gets attracted to the reader’s energy, and only then do they match. Since this match is based on the aura, it is bound to be full of trust and faith. Energy attraction does not need a physical presence, it happens even if it’s online.

    Hence, people do not have to worry because their energy is attracting a psychic, and there are higher chances of the user liking them than not. With this procedure, the trust that gets created is of immense value, as the user becomes comfortable and non-hesitant in sharing the darkest and deepest secrets of their lives.

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  • Customer Satisfaction Provisions

    Even after paying for a session and taking that session, users feel that they are not satisfied with the services or did not get full value for what they had paid for. Almost all the websites have a provision wherein they can help a customer find their perfect match. If users are dissatisfied, they can contact customer care and get their grievances addressed.

    Most of them have a cashback policy, wherein they can get their money back, or else, there is a provision wherein the customer care desk will listen to the issues and accordingly help them find a new psychic, based on the requirements they demand. All the websites have one priority, and that is the customer. Not just on monetary matters, if there is anything apart from that, they also address that.

  • Flexibility

    Online psychic reading has more of a customer-oriented approach. If users are to go to a clinic, they need to adjust according to the professional’s timings. Apart from that, they also need to travel to specific locations and make time from their busy schedules. However, when it comes to online psychic readings, users choose to browse through the platforms of various psychics listed on a particular website and choose the one they prefer.

    Even after that, they have the option to choose the medium of their liking. They can choose to do the session over a call, chat, or through live. This level of liberty shows that it is all for the customer, and the psychics also provide the best they can to reach beyond the customers’ expectations.

  • Reviews and Comments

    All the websites list the reviews and comments left by the previous users. Now, there are chances that in some cases, there might be the fabrication of reviews. However, that is very easy to spot as the fabricated reviews are usually the ones that are overly positive and similar in tone.

    However, the genuine ones can be easily spotted as well, as they are more in the tone of explanation and sharing experience. This can always be of tremendous help to the new user as by reading the comments, they can get an idea of the kind of experience they can expect from a particular psychic. They can make an educated guess with the help of previous comments.

    There are so many reasons as to why an online psychic reading is effective. All the websites work hard to ensure that they provide a good customer experience so that they keep coming back to them. The useful insights provided during a psychic reading session have more power than one can imagine. That advice from experts can drastically change the course of one’s life and show them the path of discovery and fulfillment that they have always been looking for.

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About is a platform that reviews the best psychic reading websites. The primary objective is to provide the most authentic and unbiased reviews. It saves a lot of time for clients as they do not have to go through every website to figure out which one shall be the best, as already does it for them.

There is also no need to worry about the website’s authenticity as the platform goes through various psychic profiles and other details mentioned on the websites to ensure that everything is as true as they claim it to be. When users are going through a tough time in life, this is one less trouble for them as they do not have to sit and understand or analyze if a particular website is genuine or not.

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